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Jun 25, 2012 06:35 PM

Great new restaurant that's not noisy??

We have guests in from out of town and want somewhere nice, that we can make reservations, and that doesn't have tons of background noise. If it is a relatively new restaurant even better! Some of my favs are Bar la Grassa, R. Alma, Tilia ( to give a reference) any suggestions?

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  1. It's not "new," but the dining room and La Belle Vie might suit you. Ditto Cafe Lurcat (but also not "new"). And one of the quietest rooms around is Butcher Block.

    1. I've recently gotten on to The Bachelor Farmer, (as another fan of both BLG and Tilia). While probably not the *quietest,* it is much quieter than those two. Great service, very comfortable, delicious food, and still easy enough to hold a conversation in. There was some low volume music on last time, but the kitchen and bar are both separated from the dining room. I think they've been around for about a year.

      1. Although I haven't been there in the last 18 months or so, I'd still recommend Cosmos unless someone else says otherwise. Not noisy and I've had nothing other than an excellent meal there in my many visits over the years. Of course, it's not new but...

        Also in the not new anymore category, I'd also think about Sea Change. I imagine it might be a little noisy right at prime time (i.e., the dinner crowd before a show at the Guthrie), but my experience at other times has been that it's really quiet. You may also be able to score an outside table - which is magnificent on a beautiful summer evening.

        1. In Season would be good for this
          Or Heidi's
          Both fairly new