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Jun 25, 2012 06:27 PM

Texan coming to SD!! Help me eat!

What are some cant miss local place to eat? Most of the time we will have 10 and 12 year olds in tow but want good local fare.

Also, where is a nice place to eat (adults only) to celebrate that also has a killer ocean view?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Austin, Dallas, Lubbock, El Paso, San Antonio, or Houston? Need to know before I recommend.

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    1. re: pickypicky

      Originally from El Paso but 35 years in Dallas.

    2. For the "can't miss" spots we need more info on the types of places aside from being kid friendly, what do you want to eat and where are you staying?

      Georges Modern or Flavor Del Mar for your adult celebration with killer ocean view. There are others, but Georges is somewhat of an institution and I was incredibly impressed with a local trip to flavor.

      I would do Urban Solace for brunch,

      if you are big time sushi fans, sneak out without the kiddos for Omakase at Kaito. Not worth it if you're going to set at the table with kids.

      are you still going to be looking for Mexican food?

      1. Former Dallas girl here. Lots of Texans and Dallasites helped establish parts of San Diego. Specifically La Jolla. They first settled in the area around La Jolla Shores, so let us start there.
        Kid friendly:

        Piatti, very good local Italian neighborhood kind of place. This time of year- call and make a reservation on the patio.

        Barbarella. Across the street from Piatti and owned by the manager that opened Piatti back in the day. Great pizza, salad, salmon. A fave among locals and tourists in local hotels.

        Ocean views: Georges Ocean Terrace is always the go to rec for out of town visitors. But I also now include Eddie V's. Even better view. Do happy hour on the upstairs terrace if you don't feel like paying the dinner prices. Very solid.

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          Gotta say, I wouldn't send an out of towner to Barbarella. It's ok, but the menu is pretty basic - Piatti has better food. Do agree with the George's rec. It's the best "killer view" restaurant in town by far - fine dining downstairs, more casual upstairs on the terrace.

          1. re: Alice Q

            That is kind of why we like it...laid back. It feels like we are at our beach home (even though we obviously don't have one) or a neighborhood party. It is a place to relax outdoors on a beautiful summer night and I think they deliver on the basics when you just want to chill. The few pastas and pizza they serve are the same recipes at Piatti (via Barbara), I think their fish dishes are more interesting, and I much prefer their salads. They also offer fresh oysters which is a big plus for us. I will say, that the risotto at B is horrific.

            We are regulars at Piatti as well, but in the is Barbarella for us. So agree to disagree.

            1. re: Alice Q

              'Gotta say, I wouldn't send an out of towner to Barbarella'...or a local.

          2. Tyler/Fredericksburg girl here. To continue the La Jolla theme: A Dallasite first sent me to El Pescador where you'll have the best fish sandwich of all time. Make sure you add avocado. If the kids get restless send them next door to Mitch's Surf Shop. And in LJ within one block of each other, there's the Coffee Cup for breakfast, Burger Lounge (SD's own burger chain of grassfed beef burgers) and Herringbone, one of the city's newest hotspots. The chef is from LA and serves whatever she pleases -- sustainability and local and lo-cal be damned. 100 yr old olive trees growing (or maybe growing) inside the place and DJ at night. Brand new, and my first meal there was good. Very expensive at night. And loud, so maybe not your grownups night out. Lunch and dinner. Great suggestions from Foodiechick, but then she's a Dallas girl!

            1. Dallas= La Jolla

              George's at the Cove ocean terrace or the bar
              Eddie V's
              LJ Shores restaurant...great oceanfront dining casual for the kids
              Alfonso's for nachos, margs
              Bahia Don Bravo's in Bird Rock
              Wave House in Mission Beach..ride the Belmont Park roller coaster and kids ride the bikes at Hamels
              Green Flash in Pacific Beach
              Mission or Coffee Cup for breakfast
              Glider Port in LJ
              Brigantine in Del Mar...everyday happy hour for the fish tacos are very good..(make sure you go to Del Mar race track for the ponies)
              Cheese Shop in LJ Shores for sandwiches at beach..Jeff's burgers too.
              Fish Market Downtown bayfront patio with drinks and apps..oyster bar/sushi bar or Top of the Market..not the downstairs resto!
              Bali Hai in Shelter Island

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              1. re: Beach Chick

                Pretty solid list up there by Beach Chick. If you're in OB, definitely check out South Beach at the end of Newport Ave. Great mahi, lobster, oyster, and all sorts of anything-from-the-ocean tacos. The place is always packed. It's always been a first come seat yourself sort of thing, but I've heard they opened an upstairs recently. Not sure if they've changed the grab-a-table-if-you-can routine, but it's still worth it. It's right on the beack and pier so after meal walks are a given. I seem to recall getting carded on my way in, so I'm not sure what the child/age restriction is - you may want to give them a call to make sure the little ones can eat too.