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Jun 25, 2012 06:00 PM

Treva in W. Hartford

Anyone agree with rave in June 24 NYT?

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  1. I don't read the NYT so I had to go find it..

    I have been to Treva a few times and never had a bad meal, but I was never blown away either. I am happy to see a successful restaurant in that space but Treva is not on my personal list of stand out eating options in the area, it is an occasional happy hour spot for me though.

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    1. re: SoupsOnCT

      Thanks. I'll stop by if I'm in the neighborhood, but now I won't make a special trip.

    2. I have been there 3 times, although not for awhile. Its been ok, not the rave Rand Richard Cooper gave it in the Times. That made me want to try it again which I will. I tried Open Table for this Friday and they were fully booked. Guess there's still some power in the press. Will try again and report back.

      1. haven't been but after reading review my husband and I thought we'd try it for anniversary dinner. (well, given the state of our finances, might hit it up for the happy hour specials at least!)

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          I'm with SoupsOn.....our dinner was very good, despite a breakdown in service (new waiter) and I would go back, but I wouldn't particularly choose it over other WH Center options. Which reminds me- has anyone else noticed the higher prices at Arugula? I'm wondering if they are warranted?

          1. re: thos

            higher prices across the menu? Arugula is one of our faves, the place we go to most often in WHC.
            to answer OP...agree with others. good not great. i may still be scarred from my first time there, before the acoustical problem was addressed. we were seated at a table next to a party of eight Cosmo-drinking young women and i thought my eardrums would explode. second time was in a different section and thankfully quieter.

        2. Astonishing. Treva is now a great restaurant. I have never seen a place go from having major problems to turning out great food. I need to go back a couple more times just to make sure the last 2 visits have been for real, but right now I would say they have leapt to the top of the list in the intense West Hartford Center restaurant wars, supplanting my long time #1 Bricco.

          Last night convinced me. Its squash blossom season and earlier in the week I had tried Bricco’s version, stuffed with a tasteless crab/cheese concoction. It was limp and soggy. Last night I had Treva’s it too cheese stuffed, but with herbs, a sauce with a veggie I have never seen before, like a small cherry tomato but with a little heat like a mild chili. The blossoms were sautéed to crisp perfection. Another special appetizer were micro beets, layered with cheese like mini round napoleons. A treat for both eye and mouth. Main course was fresh angle hair pasta, al dente which is tough to pull off with thin fresh pasta, with seafood in a lemon buttery sauce with guanciale. It tasted like a lo-cal carbonara without the egg. Superb.

          I don’t know what the hell happened here. Whether they hired a chef from some place like Del Posto, or the chef and owner decided to spend more time in the kitchen than out front schmoozing with the customers. Whatever. They have seriously upped their game and now may be one of the best Italian restaurants in the state.

          1. Thanks to a Groupon offer, we were introduced to this northern Italian restaurant during a recent lunch. We were given a choice of being seated in the front or in the back. We chose the latter and I noticed a good size deck in the back which would be perfect on a warm spring day. We were brought menus and some warm crusty bread along with olive oil – delicious. I ordered an arugula salad and our waiter immediately asked if we wanted to share. It was good that he did because the portion size was perfect. Lightly dressed and topped with shaved Parmesan – simple perfection.

            My wife ordered the tagliatelle with mushrooms, asparagus and very tender veal. I requested the Pettine – lightly seared scallops, wild mushrooms, shaved asparagus and the creamiest polenta I have ever experienced. Both dishes were perfect as was the luncheon size portions. We closed out the meal with a shared La Bomba that was devine.

            Though very busy, our server (Conor?) was exceptional.

            Though we dine out frequently, this proved to be one of the best dining experiences we have had in a while.