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Jun 25, 2012 05:41 PM

Vanilla beans in Astoria

Has anyone seen whole vanilla beans for sale in Astoria?

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  1. There has been some kind of blight on the vanilla orchid and the price has skyrocketed. The last time I bought vanilla beans (two in a spice islands jar) the price was $18 bucks. They were kept in the locked area and not on the spice shelf. Go to a big store and inquire, they may have them locked up.

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    1. I've found vanilla beans in Astoria at Rosario's, the Italian deli/grocer (on 31st St, between 23rd Av & Ditmars), and at Parrot Coffee, the Bulgarian deli/grocer (on Ditmars between 31st St. & 33rd St.). I love this neighborhood.