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Jun 25, 2012 05:41 PM

Hake Fish from Namibia

I've never seen Hake Fish for sale anywhere until today - frozen, of course, and I don't mind - at Costco, and Wild from Namibia.

I wanted to grab several sacks, but then I always look to see the origin of the fish and whether it is farmed or wild.

Looking at the pdf I linked, most of the fish is sold to Spain, and when I went to Eat Your Books, from the books that I own, hake is listed in mostly my Spanish books, a Rick Stein seafood book, and a French book. Just think, I could've made hake all COTM Spanish month!

However, I did not buy it using caution, thinking I'll ask Gio what her thoughts are on this fish from this country, and, of course, about fish from Africa. I have bought fish from other countries but never the continent of Africa, as far as I know.

I hope I don't get a spate of replies, i.e., what don't you like about Africa - etc. Please?

I'll finish up, briefly as possible, I've only eaten Hake once in my lifetime and that was in 1973 in one of those little islands off Amersterdam, either Monicadam or Vollendam. It was the best fish I'd ever eaten, when I asked what it was, it was Hake. I've not forgotten in 39 years.

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  1. wild hake is related to cod and haddock and as such, is badly overfished. it's on the monterey bay aquarium's list of fish to avoid.

    as for the integrity of the fish and whether or not it is truly wild, that is something else. most 3rd world countries are not as strict about food labels and origins as the u.s.

    1. Hake is, indeed, very popular in Spain. Less so in other European countries - but still quite common here.

      Wikipedia tells me there are several varieties of hake and I assume the one that might be landed in Namibia will be Cape Hake and not be the same as that fished in the Mediterranean. You may in luck there as Wiki indicates that Cape hake is the only one not considered to be overfished.

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      1. re: Harters

        I'd love for it to be sooooo. I'm concerned, too, about hygenic practices in other countries, as well. I know that it can happen in all countries; but perhaps it is a cultural thing/think/thang, reminding myself of one travel show host couldn't stop blaming herself for believing that the country that she was in was/is backward, when in fact, it was quite up-to-date.

        From some of my travels, I can't say that this is true of all countries, either. However, I've never been in Africa.

        Thanks, Harters.

        1. re: Rella

          My restaurant notes tell me one of us had hake when we were in South Africa last year - so presumably the same fish as that you're seeing from Namibia. Served with roast potatoes and a julienne of carrots, courgette and aubergine. It was OK, although the lemon butter sauce was poor.

          1. re: Harters

            Your memory is almost as good as mine!
            Thanks from a septogenarian.

          2. re: Rella

            This Environmental Defense Fund entry indicates that hake caught off Namibia is cape hake, which has been certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council:

            1. re: Caitlin McGrath

              Yeah. 3x Hurray!
              I hope it is still there by the time I get up there again.

              My last disappointment was that the Kerrygold butter was gone when I got there again.

              Thanks so VERY much. So happy!

        2. Namibia is a country with one of the cleanest cities/places around! I wouldn't hesitate to eat something originating from that region, provided it has been properly transported and correctly stored afterwards. ( sniff test at time of purchase, or as in your case after thawing).

          1. I first ate Hake in Bilbao, Spain years ago and it was the best fish I ever had. I, too, was excited to see Costco carry a bag of skinless, boneless loins and purchased some. It was nothing like the Hake I had previously eaten and was so terribly fishy I could not eat more than one bite. What a dissapointment.

            1. Hi Relia,

              I hope you try the Hake from Costco and post your results. I saw it at Costco too, and went on line to find out more about it. That's how I ended up on Chow. I would love to know if Hake from Namibia is as good as the Hake you remember from 39 years ago.