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Jun 25, 2012 05:01 PM

Greensboro Tips

I'm down here for the week for work and have a decent budget with which to dine. Need to know what I need to see, seems like a lot of the threads around here are fairly dead. Table 16 is on the list (but not open tonight). I also think its going to be worthwhile one night this week to take the drive from Greensboro up to Lexington for some good BBQ. Any recommendations there either? Seems like there is a TON of chains down here, any tips on where to find the local flavor?

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  1. Breakfast, lunch, dinner? Any particular part of town? Any particular type of food?

    Some good choices are Smith Street Diner, Liberty Oak, 1618 Seafood Grill, Saigon, Saffron, Cafe Pasta, Mark's, Lucky 32, Country BBQ, Giaccamo's (sp?), Opa!, Pakse's for bahn mi, Marisol, Natty Greene's, New York Deli.

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      Brain cramp on my part...I meant Lox Stock and Bagel, not NY Deli.

    2. I personally wouldn't make the drive to Lexington, but if you must than Lexington BBq is the place, right off business 85. Greensboro has Country BBQ on Wendover which to me is better than Lexington, and a lot of locals swear by Stameys (across from the Coliseum) but I find it rather dry myself. I also second the suggestions for Liberty Oak and Lucky 32, a couple of my favorites. And for italian, my personal favorite is Pavillion, just off of Holden Rd.