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Jun 25, 2012 05:00 PM

ISO plain, high-fat, organic yogurt

hi hounds,

i've been searching high and low for a plain, high-fat, organic yogurt. specifically, i'm looking for something with higher than 4% MF. i've found several kinds of yogurt that are plain and high-fat but none of them are organic. i've found liberte mediterrane with 10% MF. i've also found olympic with 8% (i think).

fwiw, i'm in search of this stuff for my 7 month-old ... he loves yogurt but needs a lot of fattening up!

does anyone know whether this kind of a product exists? and if so, where would i find it?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Doesn't Astro do one? I think it was 6%. (I admit I don't eat a lot of yogurt, so not completely sure.)

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      1. re: Ferdzy

        i've seen the astro 6% but it's conventional and i'm looking for an organic version. thanks though.

      2. Back a couple of years ago when I was hoping to find the exact same thing for my little one, I did not see any around. I ended up alternating between Liberte's 2% Organic and Mediterrane, so on average, my baby would be getting half-organic, high fat yogurt. Liberte is pretty much the best mass-produced brand for yogurt you can find here, in terms of taste and texture anyway. Probably quality too.

        If you really want to go for high fat, all organic, you might want to consider combining their 2% yogurt with their cream. Maybe some additional fermenting is required. I have never tried it myself but always wondered if that would work!

        I totally understand the need for nutritious, fatty foodstuff for our young 'uns, and the difficulty finding it sometimes. You can often see me looking frustrated and muttering to myself at the dairy aisle, after seeing rows and rows of 0% yogurt in all flavours and brands, but not much of the natural tubs with any amount of fat in them.

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        1. re: vil

          i've been doing something similar...alternating between a 3.8% organic and mediterrane!

          my little guy is ploughing through a 750 ml tub of yogurt a week now ... i actually mash up a hard boiled egg yolk once a day and throw that into his yogurt for even more fat/calories.

          and i'm with you ... all the 0% stuff drives me nuts!

        2. Stonyfield has whole milk organic yogurt...I'm not sure what the milk fat percentage is though.

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          1. re: Hobbert

            sadly, stonyfield is discontinued in canada now. :(

            1. re: lilaki

              Yes, that is sad. I would say that and Liberte make the best yogurt I could find in here.

          2. I found Organic Meadow 3.8% Plain Organic yogurt at Loblaws for our 8 month old. Couldn't find anything higher in fat that was plain and organic though.

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            1. re: Earl Camembert

              yep ... that's the same stuff i'm buying. western also has a 3.8% plain organic (which happens to be made by liberte).