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Jun 25, 2012 04:50 PM

Good group dinner places -- Downtown Dallas.

16 year old boys volleyball team staying at Hyatt Regency. Any suggestions for group dinner?? Have one reservation at Off the Bone BBQ. On a separate note/list what is the best steakhouse -- downtown? PS We are from LA, so better to have texas only list!! Thanks.

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  1. Do you have transportation? I was thinking along the lines of Angry Dog or Twisted Root (which has adult shakes, I'm sure you'll need one).

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    1. re: foiegras

      would prefer to walk or short cab ride. For tex mex one night am thinking iron cactus or el fenix (mckinney location) Any feedback??? Also, we have booked a dinner at Off the Bone Barbecue. Feedback???

      1. re: lespayne

        I'm thinking your gang will enjoy Iron Cactus more than El Fenix. EF Is OK Tex-Mex but, somewhat boring. I think Iron Cactus will be more fun for 16 year old boys.

        And, a big second for Twisted Root! The guys would love that place and, as foiegras said, you can enjoy an "adult shake". They also do home made root beer for the guys.

    2. If you're staying at the Hyatt downtown, go to Bob's Steakhouse in the new Omni Hotel.

      Also, across the street from Twisted Root is Il Cane Rosso for pizza.