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Jun 25, 2012 04:40 PM

586 Bistro Hyannis

Heading there now. Tobey Hill, previously at Pain D'avignon is cooking. Love his food.

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    1. Tease! We want details!!!!

      1. Love to hear a report. Please post one!

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          Was just going to post this, too! Anyone?

            1. re: phelana

              Still not much to go on. The most recent review was not a diner and the review from April was a limited sampling before Toby Hill was in the kitchen. Bummer.

        2. So I'm driving down Main Street (cruising with the top down like I'm 18 again) and as I pass 586 Bistro I see the sign that reads "1/2 price apps and pizza at the bar 4-7 tonight!". Ever the sucker for a great deal, and very curious if Chef Toby has transformed this place from it's moribund past, I pull into a space and saddle up to the bar. I order an okay Cupcake Chardonnay, and peruse the very limited but interesting menu. I decide on the mussels ($10 and the clam pizza ($12). A look to the open kitchen confirms Chef Toby is working the kitchen and wood fired oven. The mussels arrive first as ordered and they are sublime. It's a very unique presentation topped with a heap of toasted almonds. The broth is a silky buttery mixture with a slight sweetness from the Riesling. First glimpse it looked like a smallish portion but given the silky buttery richness of the sauce, the portion size is plenty. I'm served a house made focaccia that is fresh out of the oven and is soft, airy and full of flavor. The pizza arrives and it's everything I had hoped. Thin crunchy chewy crust with a slight char. The benefit of an open kitchen is I saw the chef shuck a fresh quahog to dice for my pizza. The other ingredients are a simple evoo, what I suspect is a Parmigiano-Reggiano, and a dusting of oregano. Cooked perfectly in their 900 degree wood-fired brick oven, it's certainly in the running for the best Pizza on Cape Cod title. I've never had the famous Pepe's clam pizza so I don't know how it stacks up. While dining at the bar I saw both the house made ricotta gnocchi and the steak frittes being served and both looked quite good. The diners who ate them declared them delicious. Main Street has another good option thanks to Chef Toby Hill.

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            Thanks for the post. Another place to put on my "to try" list. My list is growing and summer is getting shorter.... gotta get busy eating!

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              Here's a couple of photos I forgot to add to my post....

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                Wonder if they are doing the 4-7 1/2 apps every weekday or was this a one-off? Food sounds great. May have to make a quick trip to Main Street!