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Jun 25, 2012 04:04 PM

Corned beef vs pastrami

I love good corned beef but I have never had pastrami. I have yet to have any great corned beef in Dallas. Could someone explain the difference in the two meats?

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    1. In case you didn't or don't wish to go to the other link, pastrami is smoked and corned beef is not. Both are made from the brisket.

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      1. re: John E.

        actually, both can be made from brisket, but aren't always. The best (IMHO) pastrami is made from navel. I've never tasted it, but corned beef from the round is always in the deli cae at my local supermarket

        1. re: bagelman01

          You are correct of course. However I did not say they were ONLY made from brisket. It depends on what the price point or desired profit margin of the final product. (I suppose the fat content could also be a contributing factor, but I don't know why).

      2. This place would seem like a good place for either deli meat...

        ....and deckle cut makes better corned beef or pastrami......rather than brisket or navel plate.....with that said, navel pastrami is preferred over any other cut of meat, be it brisker or rounds.....for corned beef, the point cut of a whole packer brisket is preferred over the flat.

        1. Love corned beef. Make it at home on occasion. In fact, have a hunk in freezer... was significantly on sale around St. Patty's Day... go figure!?! Usually, just plunk in a big pot of water and simmer away until it's tender... a few hours, but no baby-sitting necessary.

          IMO, even better brands at supermarket deli counter just don't have that corned beef flavor?? Ya need to find a REAL "Jewish" deli to get the genuine article.

          Is pastrami smoked the whole time or just toward the end? Think I did a variation on pastrami after finding a stove-top smoker at a yard sale. When corned beef was almost tender... let it cool a bit and put a rub on it. Then into stove-top smoker for an hour or so. Came out pretty darn good.

          "Scuse me... gonna go get that hunka corned beef outta freezer!

          1. You will find pretty good corned beef and pastrami at the Deli-News on Preston Rd. near Campbell.