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Jun 25, 2012 03:55 PM

Beaches Cafe- Dennisport / Cape Cod

Ciclista and I met for lunch today. Ocean House runs a cute place called Beaches Cafe located next door on the grounds of the Three Seasons Hotel. The place is spotless with modern plastic furnishings and a bright welcoming feel. Our waitress was pleasant enough. I ordered the crab cake sandwich (9.00) and Ciclista ordered the 5 Napkin Burger. Service and delivery was swift. My sandwich was nice. The crab cake tasted different than the OH version with green peppers and a very spicey bite. I skipped the Remoulade. It was served on a fresh tasting brioche sort of roll. Total was 20.00 and change. There is an outdoor patio that will be nice on better days. The gazebo bar is seaside which is a nice spot for an afternoon cocktail. We will be back I am sure. They serve breakfast and lunch daily.

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  1. Thanks for the report! The outdoor patio and especially the gazebo bar sound quite intriguing!

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      The blazing sun came out so my daughter and I headed over to sit at the seaside bar and have lunch..FABULOUS...the bartender is great, the views stellar and the refreshing S winds were nice. What a bar, all top shelf including Brugal Rum..I am impressed. We had homemade lime squashes that brought me back to days living in lobster roll was very good albeit pricey at 25.00. Maggie loved her crabcake sandwich (9.00). A fabulous lunch with the best view. I would stay at this hotel, btw, any day. great beach, clean, pool and OH and Beaches Cafe..phew..a perfect spot.

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        Had a "five napkin" burger and drinks there the other day. Terrific spot! It's everything you said it would be. A great addition to Dennisport on a beautiful sunny summer day. Thanks for the report.

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          Haven't been yet, but place looks nice and I'm planning to get there next week; Excited to see they also offer breakfast. Will report back after we go.

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            Great find!
            We were able to hit Beaches for breakfast last week and it was awesome. Best part was the board-special: sweet potato pancakes with a pecan maple syrup. May be the best pancakes I've ever had on the Cape, even surpassing the lemon ricotta version from Hangar B. We were able to sit outside by the pool for breakfast and we also took a stroll down by the beach bar to check it out.
            We were all excited to come back for lunch, but last week the temperature really ratcheted up tp the point of being unbearable without A/C and we couldn't fathom sitting outside in the heat/sun while eating lunch (and we didn't really want to sit inside).
            I'll be back up the Cape at least 1 more time this year so we will def get here for lunch before the season is out.

            1. re: foleyd7

              My wife and I had lunch at the beach bar two Saturdays ago. It was warm outside, but we were seated at the bar which is shaded. It is a nice setting, steps from the beach. There is a glass wall protecting the bar from the wind. The lunch menu was limited, but sufficient. My wife had the five napkin burger, which she enjoyed. I had the Italian sandwich. The bartender recommended that I order it as a panini, making it easier to fit in my mouth (apparently the standard roll is very big). The panini was grilled in a press, but the sandwich was still very thick. The cold cuts were piled high. I don't know how I'd have eaten it with the roll. It was all good and we will return, soon. The only distraction came from some families with small children that were sitting around the adjacent grass courtyard drinking beer out of their coolers in front of their hotel rooms and talking loudly. They seemed to be together in a huge group. I hope that this was an unusual occurrance.