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Apr 2, 2004 09:29 PM

san luis obispo

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Any good eats? i will be there for one night later in the month. Any suggestions?

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  1. Big Sky Cafe on Broad is a reliable spot. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and the menu is pretty imaginative and varied.
    Novo on Higuera is also good. The food is sort of a fusion of many cuisines with an accent on Asian.
    There are several Italian places which are pretty good: Bueno Tavola (Monterey St), Benvenuti (Marsh St), Grappola (Broad St.) and Cafe Roma (Osos St.)
    The Park on Osos St. near the railroad station is a rather upscale place serving "rustic" California cuisine.

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      I have also heard good things about Buena Tavola. They also have a location in Paso Rob;es. We picked up some info about it at a winery in PR and the menus look very good. I'd give them a try! ***kim***

      1. re: kim c

        Do not skip the saffron agnolotti filled with shrimp, or the crema di vaniligia - make them top it with half caramel and half chocolate and you will be in heaven.

      2. re: sgbslo

        I've good experiences at Big Sky in the past, but last time I was there was not one of them. Disinterested service, not so fresh ingredients, and overcooked food. Normally, I would overlook one bad outing, but it was _really_ bad.

        Mo's BBQ is really tasty. I liked Cafe Roma, but I've heard that Buona Tavola is a must-try.

        1. re: Bob Z.

          I was concerned that I may have given bad information regarding Big Sky, so I went there tonight for dinner. I had a very nice meal. You must have really hit on a bad night!
          One other thing: I see several people suggest Moe's BarBQ. What do you get there? So many people recommend the place so I keep trying but I've never had anything I'd rave about. I think I must order the wrong thing.

          1. re: sgbslo

            I'm happy to hear that Big Sky was good. It must have just been a bad day.

            I think Moe's is good to very good BBQ. It's not blow your mind fantastic, but it is better than most places. I've been generally been happy with everything I've had: ribs, pulled pork, brisket, chicken.

            1. re: Bob Z.

              Cafe Roma - yuck - awful - just awful - nothing good to be said about it. Have always found Big Sky to be good, not great, but always good.

        2. re: sgbslo
          Arm and a leg

          Excluding Big Sky, the other places you mentioned are so overpriced it isn't funny!

        3. If you can plan to be there on a Thursday, SLO has an evening Farmers' Market/Street Fair downtown starting at 6 pm. Lots of food options and very high quality produce at reasonable prices.

          1. There are many good places to eat. It all depends on what you are in the mood for.

            Tri-tip sandwiches with season fries, or grilled chicken sandwiches, or grilled salmon sandwiches is best eatten at Firestone Bar and Grill. It's a local sports bar and grill. The have seats inside and outside. Outside they have outdoor heaters to fend off the chill. They open until 10pm. They are located in downtown at 1001 Higuera Street, (805) 783-1001.

            For ribs or steak try Mo's Smokehouse BBQ or F. McLintock's Saloon & Dining. The McLintock's in Pismo Beach is better than the one in SLO.

            Mo's Smokehouse BBQ, 970 Higuera Street, (805) 544-6193

            F. McLintock's, 686 Higuera Street, (805)541-0686

            American food for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Apple Farm is recommended. They are known for their fresh apple juice and apple sausage.

            2015 Monterey Street, (805)544-2040

            For decadent desserts and steak, try, Madonna Inn's restaurant. Before leaving the inn, check out the men's bathroom. It has a waterfall in there.

            100 Madonna Road, (805)543-3000

            Upscale Italian/ romantic go to Buona Tavola.

            1037 Monterey Street, (805) 545-8000

            For Thai food go to Thai-Rific.

            208 Higuera Street, (805) 541-8424

            SLO has great BBQ and Tri-tip sandwiches, and burritos. The place I loved for burritos has closed down unfortunately.

            Enjoy your stay and visit the Farmer's Market if you are there on Thursday night. They have beautiful flowers and delicious strawberry's from the farms in Santa Maria. Many vendors have stands selling food along the street. Be like a local and buy food on the street and eat it as you walk down the main strip.

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            1. re: fish65

              For BBQ, I would also recommend Old Country Deli on Marsh. Good beef ribs, tri tip sandwiches, BBQ chicken.

              Mo's is pretty good for BBQ. I like the pulled pork sandwich w/coleslaw on top.

              Does anyone know if Cork 'n Bottle still does burgers?

            2. Oh boy, Firestone's tri-tip sandwiches and pulled-pork sandwiches are to die for. Top it off with a basket of fries and a cold soda and you're set for life!