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Jun 25, 2012 03:01 PM

Lunch near USC for a vegetarian?

That about says it all. Except that we'll be headed to Anaheim afterward so anything between the two spots would also qualify. Said vegetarian loves Indian, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, and Vietnamese food. Weirdly enough, she isn't into eggplant, mushrooms, squash. Kind of a potatoes, greens, beans, tomatoes, cheeses palate. Her parents are more omnivorous (but don't appreciate swimmy things). And casual's good.

Any recommendations?

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    1. Chichen Itza [edit: I just noticed that Servorg linked to the place it's housed in]

      1. Mercado la Paloma is a good choice, as it's essentially a (very great and very unique) food court so there will be something for everyone (except Indian). Great Mexican, passable thai.

        There is a great taqueria close by which would work - La Tacquiza, too. this is one of the best spots close by. There is also a newer (Kerala) Indian restaurant called Mayura just west of campus you can check ot. I haven't been, but heard it is good, and the branch in Culver City is good.

        if you decide to eat on campus, one of the best spots is not well known but is open during summer, called the Galen Commons. Excellent salad bar, good soup, and fresh entrees every day. It's where the athletes and athletic staff eat. It took me a while to find and figue this all out, but it figures that the athletes would be taken care of at SC... Enjoy!

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          Thanks! Sounds like a better range of options than I'd anticipated.

        2. Try cafe 22, delicious!