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Jun 25, 2012 02:57 PM

Best Lobster dinner in Boston?

I am visiting Boston and have never had a full lobster before, only a roll once. I'd like the full lobster dinner, steamed and not cracked for me. Any recommendations? Cheaper is nicer but i'm willing to spend around 30-40 to get the full deal.

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    1. re: hotoynoodle

      In Brookline but anywhere in Boston is good

      1. re: phoenixhazard

        you're not far from Jo Jo Taipei in Allston; although they usually crack and saute the lobster, i'm sure they could steam it for you and leave it uncracked (they do steam whole fish, for example). You could probably get 2 lobsters there for the price of 1 elsewhere. As a bonus, you could order their famous soup dumplings ("mini steamed buns") on the side or some scallion pancakes w/ roast beef.

        1. re: barleywino

          I *love* Jo Jo Taipei's lobster preparation....but they don't offer it every night. Best to call ahead!

    2. If No Name serves steamed lobster that would be my first choice. Perhaps others still living in Boston can provide more details. If you have a car, how about Kelly's on Route 1? These are both quite casual. I am not sure if they crack the lobster a bit for you. Enjoy.

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      1. re: oceans

        Sorry, Noname is a disgusting,overprice tourist trap..
        Kelly has horrible frozen/tasteless/soggy lobster rolls (that some like for some reason) but no lobsters..
        I dont go out for traditional lobsters in this area so i cant give a recommendation for that. I have a hard time paying $30-40 for something i can get for $8 at the store and will be just as good. There really isnt a whole lot of prep/skill in steaming a lobster and melting some butter. You can get them already steamed even at market basket for $4.99/lb

        1. re: hargau

          I went to No Name back in December, and posted about it here: I did not think it was disgusting or overpriced.

          I thought the fish chowder was pretty good. And I imagine they'd be able to steam a lobster just fine, though I haven't tried it.


        Looks like No Name serves a boiled lobster. Would that be okay?

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        1. re: oceans

          No Name is an overpriced tourist trap. Kelly's is a brightly lit fast food roast beef place and their Rt. 1 location is forgettable, at best.

          I'm with hargau on that.

          Yankee lobster?

          Summer shack?

          Atlantic fish?

          1. re: C. Hamster

            some like the lobsters at Summer Shack but I found them to be tough and rubbery

            1. re: C. Hamster

              I understand calling the No Name an over-priced tourist trap is the default answer on chowhound but i just looked at their menu and nothing seemed remotely overpriced or even expensive. Can you point out what is overpriced specifically?

              1. re: ac106

                also, do tourists go there? they don't exactly have a big advertising presence.

                1. re: Madrid

                  When I went (granted, it was winter on a Tuesday), the place was full, but it didn't seem like any of the customers were tourists.

                  1. re: Dave MP

                    They get buses fairly regularly, but those are scheduled and don't interfere with locals trying to get tables. Last few times we've been there (over the past 15-18 months or so), I haven't seen any buses, but I'm sure they still get them.

          2. A "best" lobster dinner should include "a best lobster" to begin with. For some of us, that means knowing the difference between soft shelled vs hard shelled, male vs female. You may find this thread of interest:


            Have you considered a lobster pound such as this:


            or a clam bake like this? That may be a treat you won't soon forget, but pricier though. You only live once. The price is far less than your plane ticket/hotel. When will you be back in Boston?


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            1. re: eatntell

              i'm not there yet, i will be there in a few days for a week.

              Atlantic Fish seems to be the best bet so far from my research. Also Yankee Lobster, James Hook and Neptune Oyster seem to be good bets. What do you all think?

              1. re: phoenixhazard

                Neptune Oyster serves a terrific lobster roll but does not do the basic steamed lobster you are looking for.

                1. re: phoenixhazard

                  Atlantic Fish is very good. I have relatives that stay at the Mandarin Oriental or the Westin when they visit and we always go there for dinner after they check in. I love the corn pudding. Surprisingly, the best baked stuffed on I had recently is at Legal Seafood in Chestnut Hill. I assume their steamed ones are good as well.

              2. If this was my quest, I'd prefer the experience to be on the waterfront. And, anticipating flak, of course such venues also draw tourists but for what you're after I don't think that matters. So my top 3 picks in order of preference would be:

                Legals Harborside in the Seaport area near World Trade Center, 1st floor


                Joe's American, near the North End


                Tia's, attached to the Marriott Longwharf Hotel [note the food here is otherwise not good, but I have enjoyed the steamed lobsters here



                Not on the water, and a big tourist draw -- which can also be fun I think -- you may also consider the bars around Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market near (and including) the Purple Shamrock. These places always have specials on lobster dinners.

                EDITED to note: the Tall Ships will be in Boston this weekend, so the waterfront will be more packed than usual. May want to time your dinner on off-hours, or go with one of the above recommendations away from the harbor.