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Jun 25, 2012 02:50 PM

Sunday night casual dinner - Milan

Hi folks, we will be arriving in Milan Sunday afternoon with our two young kids (2 & 5). We will want to grab dinner out at some point, but would like to find a casual place. I feel that asking the kids to sit still after being cooped up on multiple flights for many hours is unrealistic to say the least.

Any type of Italian food is good (regional, pizza, etc.) Preferably within walking distance (20ish minutes) of Piazza della Repubblica, but public transport might be all-right too. FWIW, we'll be having lunch the next day at Latteria San Marco.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Nobody has any suggestions for Milan? Is it that bad???

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    1. re: L nrs

      Im all for using the search (google chowhound Sunday MIlan might be better) but there may or may not be posts about Sunday night dining.
      If you dont come up with any reccs I have a couple of suggestions
      first, Pizza is a good sunday night meal - this article and the long comment thread might be a good place to start (with google translate)

      or even better, use the search box at the corriere link and it will generate a list of pizzerie, restaurants whatever you can put to the search - blanks are for day of week type of place and the last box asks for neighborhood - if you make the right choices from the pull downs andput in Repubblica, it ought to generate a list of places near you.

      there are quite a number of best 10 pizza in Milan lists if you use the italian terms

      Second, you might look through the restaurants in this list for ones in your neighborhood

      so glad you are going to Latteria san Marco - try the testeroli if offered or the very simple barley/farro with cheese and tomatoes or one of dishes cooked in silver - their salumi and salads are also good/ its a tiny cramped little place but it turns over more than most Italian restaurants - Id say go early. No bathroom on premises - waiter leads you off to another bldg!

      1. re: jen kalb

        Thank you, jen kalb! I was able to stumble through the vivimilano site enough to get a list of pizzerie con cucina (I figure maybe the best option?) so that I can get a few that are close.

        My husband just told me he wants to be out somewhere to watch the Euro Cup finals. Any close suggestions? (this might be a good question for the hotel concierge :)

        I'm really excited to go to Latteria san Marco! I'll look out for the testeroli. We were there five years ago and the woman who ran the front of house brought my daughter (who was five months old at the time) all around and back into the kitchen! It was quite sweet. We had the farro with cheese & tomatoes and it was soooo delicious. I've been trying to replicate it at home (seemingly so simple, but the flavors are incredible) with limited success. Good to know about the bathrooms, too.

        1. re: L nrs

          glad you had the same sweet experience as we did, even with the language barrier. its still a very intimate place, uncommon. glad you navigated through that site, I gave you very bad instructions, I realized later. Look forward to hearing how you do!

    2. In the upper right hand corner there is a search box. Search for Milan.

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      1. re: wally

        Wally, snarky responses are totally not useful. If you go into the search box and type Milan Repubblica you get a grand total of two entries. One is my question posted above the other is about Grom gelato.

        I'm hoping someone with some knowledge of Milan could help me out. THAT would be much appreciated and useful down the line for others who might be searching for something similar. If you have another method of search that comes up with more information, I'm open to that too.

        1. re: L nrs

          I apologize, I wasn't trying to be snarky, but somewhat helpful. Putting in Milan is the way I would search. You would have to sort through the seven+ pages of posts but.. I haven't been to Milan in 13 years so no help there.

      2. You might page though these sunday alternatives, or do a more pointed search on the website.

        I would think that a good pizzeria would be a solid sunday night choice.

        1. I would reccomend
          I have not eaten at this place yet, but know Nicola Cavallaro's cuisine fairly well. The place, a cascina in the middle of Milan, is getting a lot of attention and will be my first visit next time in Milan.