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Jun 25, 2012 02:18 PM

Reservations for Ferran Adria Tickets Restaurant in Barcelona

Hello Fellow food lovers... My vacation plans changed and I am now going to Barcelona 2 weeks earlier than originally planned. I am looking to see if anyone has Reservations that they do not need to Ferran Adria Tickets Restaurant in Barcelona... Please Please help me if you can. Being able to eat here is a probably a once in a lifetime meal... I am looking for a reservation for 2 on any night:
August 15,16,17,18. Thanks in advanced for any and all help.....


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  1. I hate to break this to you, but the Tickets website says that they are closed from August 5th-27th.

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    1. re: L nrs

      Wow!! Your right that sucks... Thanks for telling me. Any recommendations to other great restaurants in Barcelona?? I saw online a guided walking tapas tour, I'm not sure if that's worth it or just make my own..

      1. re: retodd

        Do you by chance have reservations you won't be needing for your original travel dates? I am trying to find reservations for Aug 31, Sep 1 or 2...2 people also. Thanks!

    2. Sorry, don't know of another tapas place to recommend. We were at Tickets last August. Best tapas restaurant hands down. Great experience and food was fantastic. Liquid ravioli going down your throat is something you have to experience! Treated like royalty!