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Cozy Midtown East Spots?

I live in Midtown East but always go to other neighborhoods when it comes to finding cozy, comfortable spots to eat some good food. Everything in my vicinity is either a steakhouse or stop old-school, stale joint.

Can any of you recommend a few cute places with solid food (I'm open to anything) anywhere in the 40-60th street range?

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  1. Felice - corner of 64th and 1st
    Cello - 53rd btw 2nd and 3rd
    Another cute, little wine bar (can't remember name) on 59th btw 1st and 2nd

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        +1 for Felice. Get a spot at the bar and enjoy a good meal

      2. Just for reference, which places do you like in other neighborhoods?

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        1. A booth at Aburiya Kinnosuke defines cozy. Make sure you reserve, though. They're usually booked full for dinner.

          1. Jubilee just opened in a new location on FirstAvenuein the old Billy's space @ 52nd St.

            Deux Amis on East 51st has its fans.

            Cafe Ze is a beautiful spot in a converted carriage house; he plans to open a second place on First a few blocks south of current location.

            These 3 are bright spots, relatively speaking, in the food desert of the far east 50s.

            Also: On Second, Gulloglu has savory turkish pastries and light fare, as well as sweets. Service is problematic. One of a few Turkish spots in the immediate vicinity.

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              i like the old Jubilee space, esp the dark little bar in the back...what's the new space like?

            2. Al Bustan for great authentic Middle Eastern food.

              1. Sofia Wine Bar on 50th btwn 2nd/3rd is a great, cozy little space. Great wine list, pizzas, and I personally have a love for their tuna tar tar, which is a generous heaping of tuna atop a mound of avocado, tomato, and sprouts.


                1. I like the food at The National even though it's a hotel restaurant.

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                    I, too, like the food at The National eve though it's a hotel restaurant.

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                      I actually have had 2 bad meals there. What did you like. of the 4 entrees ordered the burger was the only decent thing.

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                        We had bar foods:

                        Ugly Burger
                        Chicken Wings

                        I'd rate the food B/B+ which is above average as far as my rating goes.

                  2. All great responses. Thanks guys! The list is building :)