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Jun 25, 2012 01:03 PM


We'll be in Santa Fe for the month of August (rented house) and will do a lot of cooking at home. We need to know the best places to buy !. excellent beef 2. locally grown produce 3. medium priced wines/liquors 4. Other general grocery store items (flour,etc.) Are there any ethnic food shops
that we shouldn't miss? I thought I remembered seeing a Trader Joe's there several years ago, but
can't remember where it was located. We will also be eating out and I've looked here for restaurants.
I have a huge list to try. Thanks for any advance help for my shopping.

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  1. There is a farmer's market. Yes, there is a Trader Joe's but I don't always find that you can do a complete shop there. There is whole foods and Sunflower Market too. I really like Sunflower, it is much less expensive than Whole foods and has nice produce and meat. And there is the Co-op; Very nice but VERY expensive.

    1. Definitely agree with DebitNM on the farmers market, open Saturdays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at peak season. They have good local beef and bison, as well as other meats.

      Kaune's is an expensive local market, but they have wonderful meats. Georgia O'Keeffe and other local luminaries have shopped there over the years. Their wine selection is quite good, although it runs expensive too. NB they close earlyish, at 7 I believe.

      Medium priced wines: Kokoman up on the res, about 15 minutes north of town. Looks like a dilapidated shack from the outside, but they have an excellent domestic and imported wine, beer, and spirits selection at pretty good prices, and at a good spread of price ranges.

      If you're shopping based on both cost and quality, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and Sunflower work great, but only if you're willing to go to all three. Trader Joe's has generally great prices on staples (three bucks for a five-pound bag of flour), their wines tend to be cheap in both senses of the word, and their produce sucks. Whole Foods is obnoxiously expensive, but I think their meats are of excellent quality; their cheese selection is sadly unparalleled in the state, their wine selection is surprisingly meh to me. Sunflower is a lower-cost, primarily organic supermarket which I find to have great prices on most items; I don't love their meats and fish, I've generally had good luck with the produce, their wines are a little dull but reasonably good value.

      Ziggy's isn't a fantastic international grocery, but it's passable. There are a few Mexican markets on Airport Road that I haven't tried. The only truly great international food store I've been to in the state is Ta Lin World Market in ABQ; among a great many other things in their huge selection, they stock both my favorite San Marzano tomatoes and my favorite brand of Japanese soy sauce. If you go, be sure to stop at Coda across the parking lot for the best banh mi in the state, and a good Vietnamese coffee.

      1. Generally I agree with DebitNM and finlero here... I'll add one thing though, Kaune's Market is the only butcher that has Prime grade beef if that is important to you.

        They'll cut anything you want; a New York strip 1, 2, 3 inches thick bone-in, bone-out. No problema. Prime beef starts at $23 per pound and can approach $29.

        Only because I saw a Halibut entree at a well known Santa Fe restaurant last Sunday for $38.50, I'm tempted to say that beef at those prices might be a bargain.