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Jun 25, 2012 12:30 PM

Restaurant recs for 2 gourmets, 2 kids, 1 vegetarian - help!

I need a recommendation for next week, anywhere in Philly! We need a restaurant we can tolerate, and will also tolerate us!

We have a group of 6 -
2 foodies (almost, but not quite food snobs)
2 kids (2 years and 10 months)
1 pescatarian
1 guy who is easy to please

We are willing to eat early. Please help!

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  1. I'd check out Dandelion on N 18th Street at Sansom. Or Parc on Rittenhouse Square.

    1. Hmm...that's a tough one. Assuming you don't need to actually order for the kids, I'd look to a Starr or Garces restaurant. If upscale Mexican works, Distrito in West Philly has a varied enough menu to please all the different eaters and is big and noisy enough to work with kids, especially if you can get one of the big booths and eat early. Amada would also probably work, as would Parc. If the kids need high chairs, I'd think about Sang Kee in Chinatown. They have big, round tables and also a very large menu. A little less "foodie" but also perfectly acceptable, is Sabrina's (two locations). They are known for breakfast, but their dinner is fine and it is an easy place with kids.

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        Let me clarify that point. One child is a little over 2 years old, the other is 10 months old. The younger one won't be eating much. The older one is not too picky.

      2. Are the kids picky? If they aren't overly picky a good Italian place like Le Virtu in South Philly would work, if you eat early. The food is fantastic and I know pescetarians who love it too. IMO much better than other places listed here, though they arent bad either.