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Jun 25, 2012 12:11 PM

krug champagne nv (special cuvee) food pairing for our anniversary

About 3 years ago we were given a bottle of Krug NV (special cuvee) as a gift. We have kept it in our cool cellar on its side since then.
Though we drink a lot of good wine this is definitely a special bottle, retailing about 5 times more than I would spend nornally for a special bottle.

So we want to get the most out of it.

We are not over fond of very old whites so we don't want to risk over ageing it till it looses its freshness...
Do we need to be drinking it any time soon....?

One opportunity would be our wedding anniversary at the end of July (16 candles). ...Or can we/ should we/ hold off until the 20th....?

What would be appropriate food pairings? thinking fish....but open to suggestions....the wine should take center-stage....

Thank you for your advice...

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  1. If you aren't fond of old whites (even though there are red wine grapes in this bottle of Champagne), I think you'd enjoy opening it sooner rather than later.

    The wine should pair very well with a fish entree -- particularly if it is poached in olive oil or a rich court boullion.

    1. Well, Happy Anniversary!

      Next, I would do a simple little dish, just for that wine (though it will pair with many more):

      Cook fingerling potatoes with the skin on.
      When cool enough to handle, cut in half, and use a melon baller to scoop out some of the potato from each half.
      Fill with creme fraiche, and then top with caviar - the choice of caviar is up to you and can be from less-expensive domestic roe to some very exotic caviars. Heck, each potato could cost you US$ 90, if you let that happen.
      Potatoes best, when rather cool, so you might refrigerate for about an hour.
      Pour the Champagne, and nibble on those potatoes.


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      1. re: Bill Hunt

        One of my favorite nibbles of all time! I just made them this weekend for dinner party. Had them with a tasty rose sparkler. I use the smallest new potatoes.

        1. re: Bill Hunt

          Hunt, you said exactly what I was about to recommend. To me that would be the ideal way to toast an anniversary. And a perfect pairing with the Krug.

          We have also enjoyed it with Poached Breast of Chicken Demi-Deuil (truffles under the skin - Lyonnais style) as well as chicken with a morel mushroom cream sauce.

          1. re: ChefJune

            First of all, let's hear it for Krug! The potatoes with creme fraiche and caviar are spectacular. So, by the way, are lobster tails or Belgian endive with the same combination on top. Krug NV is probably the most versatile wine I can imagine. It is obviously great with all the above, light and crisp enough to go with oysters on the half shell, complex enough to pair with poached salmon in beurre blanc, and could probably stand up to a rare steak and a wedge salad. In other words, it is a wine so solid I wouldn't worry a lot about having it itch most anything.

        2. Happy Anniversary indeed! I have the pleasure of enjoying a fair deal of champagne and Krug in particular- I particularly love the older disgorgements. Also, I know some major wine collectors drinking Krug Grande Cuvee/Special Cuvee from the 1950s and they say it tastes very fresh and has fantastic acidity. Therefore it can certainly stand the test of time! For me, my favorite savory pairings are jamón ibérico, chunks of parmigiano, shell fish, duck, marcona almonds, Thai food... on the sweet side any kind of nut, cream, berry or citrus item would go very well. I also like to honor Champagne (an amazing wine first and foremost) and drink it out of a white wine glass, not a narrow flute- helps to get your nose in there and take in all of the delicious aromas. Go boldly and enjoy your special day with memorable Champagne!

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            Thank you all for your suggestions. It's good to hear that my Krug is not in danger of falling over anytime soon.

            I also agree that good bubbles need a decent wine glass to allow the aromas to expand and tickle the nostrils....

          2. Sounds nice. I'd open the bottle this July rather than waiting longer.

            As far as pairing (even though you could have the bubbles all by themselves), just remember, effervescence loves fat and salt. So...

            Anything freshly fried works: fried chicken, French fries (especially with a gourmet ketchup), tempura, etc.
            Most salty things work: smoked salmon, caviar, nuts, etc.
            Many things with fat work, like soft cheeses, salami, butter -- even cold cuts
            Mushrooms work well, like oyster and chanterelle mushrooms, but truffles work also.
            Sometimes toasty things, like toast points, toasted baguette slices, crackers, brioche, pair well with the toastiness in the champagne. Use these as a base for other flavors.
            Little touches of citrus work: lemon zest, orange peel.
            Delicate green things can add a note: cucumber, a touch of tarragon, celery
            A tiny touch of heat works: a tiny touch of wasabi, horseradish, powdered mustard, etc.; as in sushi, horseradish cream sauce, etc.

            More here:
            Nibbles with Champagne?

            P.S.: I love those stuffed baby potatoes that Bill describes. Especially with a tiny amount of good caviar.