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Jun 25, 2012 12:05 PM

United Bakeries

Going for the fist time Wednesday or Thursday am. What should I order? Are there any strange/unguessable traditions ( eg getting told you can't have something you ordered a la The Bagel on College)

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  1. I am a lox platter guy myself (boring...) but I know the blintzes get a lot of love from regulars as does the whitefish.

    1. You can't go to United Bakers without ordering their split pea soup. Although that's not really a breakfast food I guess. For brekky I really like their french toast. Simple but good.

      Also, the potato latkes are amazing!

      (No odd traditions that I am aware of - they are straight shooters)

      1. Well I wouldn't consider it ungueesable but you cannot get meat there as it is a dairy Kosher restaurant, if you were hoping for Bacon you are SOL. The two best items on the menu IMHO are the Pea Soup and the Spinach Salad, nothing fancy about either just simple and tasty.

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          I had been warned about the staff at the Bagel but I was surprised when I asked if they had borscht with meat and was told yes. I'll have a bowl I said and the waitress said "No". And I didn't get it. Must have be about 20-25 years ago.

          Looks like its pea soup and something else so far.

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            United Bakeries is NOT under Rabbinic Kosher supervision. Therefore, strictly speaking, it cannot be considered a kosher restaurant for observant Jews.

            1. re: Doctormhl1

              It can't be considered Kosher for anyone cuz it's not Kosher.

            2. The soups are all excellent. The split pea is available every day and the others rotate depending on the day. The blintzes are pretty good, but I'm no expert so I'm sure others might have a lot to say about them. I also have an unhealthy attachment to the vegetarian "chopped liver", which is some weird mixture of egg and other stuff.

              1. +1 for the pea soup - get it to go and you can warm it up for lunch or dinner later. I've had the blintzes, lox platter and a few of their salads - all good. The tuna melt is also tasty.Not sure that anything there is out of the ballpark great but it's the combination of well executed dairy comfort food, old school servers, bustling crowd of characters and an old world no frills charm that makes it special. As for strange/unguessable, my one piece of advice would be to watch yourself and your car ever so carefully in the parking lot - I've been within a whisper of getting hit (in my car or in person) on several occasions.

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                1. re: peppermint pate

                  I thought the plaza turned into an auto zoo usually on the weekend and it was not so bad during the week. Am I misguided?

                  1. re: Herne

                    The pea soup is as amazing as everyone has told you but so is the mushroom barley...I actually get the 'pickled pike' plate or the 'boiled whitefish' since it's something that reminds me of my Mom's which was fabulous...UB's are the only place in my knowledge that still does the 'old school' of Jewish cookery....also the long ago but not forgotten 'dirty' Bagel still fondly remembered on College Street..!!!..RIP!!

                    1. re: pearlD

                      I guess I'll order a pea soup and a mushroom barley to go. I'm getting a little nervous about the parking lot. Can I expect it to be "normal" during the week?

                      I recall the "dirty" Bagel name although I don't recalling it that. It was a place with a lot more character and characters than I was used to 2 - 3 decades ago. In that vein, I recall Morgan's Department store in the plaza where UB now is way back in the 50's.

                      1. re: Herne

                        Okay, I'm sorry I freaked you out about the parking lot - it's a bit bad, but not that bad, and as much a running joke as anything else. Haven't been there on a weekday in a long time but it's undoubtedly less busy/crazy - honestly, don't sweat it.

                        1. re: peppermint pate

                          OK Thanks. My favourite parking is on Bloor virtually beside Paupers and a dozen or so restaurants and my least favourite is the Longo's lot at Leslie and York Mills.