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Jun 25, 2012 11:20 AM

Chinese Style Whole Roasted Pig in Montreal

I'm looking to order an entire roasted pig and suckling pig Chinese style.
Does anyone know where I can order these in Montreal and have it delivered?

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  1. All the place that does roast pork can roast you an entire one.

    You will have to ask at least a week in advance to be safe though.

    1. Marche Kim Phat - the large chinese grocery on the South Shore - does a brisk volume of roasted duck, char sew, and plain roast pork. I believe on a given Satursday, they pump out a few hundred ducks (last time I asked).

      I noticed last time I was there, they do list a price for whole roast pig. Definitely best to stop by and ask in person.



      1. Thai Son on St-Denis makes a great whole roast pig. We've ordered one several times in the past and they've never disappointed.

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          The best pork and duck is at Epiceree A Lam Kee in Montreal Chinatown on Saint Laurent. Amazing products-comparable with New York Chinatwon surprisingly. They will cut you a portion of their roasted whole pig any day of the week. You might like it so much that you don't need a whole roast pig. They might do a roast suckling pig as well, but you will have to ask. Their pork is quite delicious. Their duck is much better than any other as well.

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            Have you noticed any changes since the fire?

            1. re: EaterBob

              Yes-there's a new chef who is not quite as skilled at cutting. But the taste and quality seem the same I think.

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                It looked to me like it was a whole new staff - and therefore I thought it was likely that it had been sold. I didn't have an opportunity to try anything as I was just passing by. Hence the question. But, I'll be down there next weekend and will definitely try as many menu items as I can.

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                  Tried their duck and quail last weekend and it still tastes the same.

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                Thats the 3rd time (that I know of) of a fire in that location. There was a previous restaurant there, Hun Dao, smelled like fireplace for 2 months after one such fire.

          2. Not sure it's exactly chinese but it is a whole roasted pig.