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Jun 25, 2012 10:45 AM


The Stevia extract I have tasted (Whole Foods) has - to me - an intolerable nasty bitter after-taste (that is not JUST bitter but a very unpleasant bitterness).

I did taste a Stevia fresh leaf (part of one :-) ) and did NOT notice this bitterness.

So I am wondering - is Stevia intrinsically bitter - or what? Any experience/comments?

(Could the extraction process be causing this bitterness?)

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  1. I don't know about bitter, but I accidentally bought a stevia-sweetened cream soda at the local World Market, and was mightily unimpressed. I'll avoid the stuff more sedulously from here on out.

    1. I grow it. I know what you mean by the bitter taste or weird aftertaste. The plant leaves don't taste like that. I think it is the way that it is processed. The natural leaf can taste a bit "licorice-like" but not bitter.Try different manufacturers and see what you think. Not all stevia products taste the same.

      In my opinion, NuNaturals is the best , cleanest tasting stevia product. It should be in the health food section of your market or in a big health food store.

      1. I like the flavor of the fresh leaf. I'm not a fan of processed stevia - the after taste is similar to that of diet soda imo.

        There seems to be a range of flavor between the different manufacturers. I have worked at natural food stores which would give customers several samples to bring home and try to determine which they preferred. Powders work well with hot beverages, liquids seem to be favored for cold drinks. If your natural foods store has a coffee bar you may be ale to try a variety. Stevia packets go awol quickly so they may have them behind the counter available by request.

        1. Are you using just a tiny amount? The brand I purchase at Trader Joe's came with a tiny spoon (probably 1/16 tsp or maybe even less.Using that in a large cup of coffee seems just right, and a little more can easily seem overly sweet. I do notice a little bit of an after taste, but have not experienced the bitterness.

          1. not an answer to your question, but related:

            i've found that almost all stevia extracts taste better if you combine them with another sugar substitute: erythritol.
            (i.e. stevia and erythritol taste better together than stevia alone or than erythritol aloneO

            erythritol is sold under a couple of different brand names at Whole Foods. if you find you like it, keep in mind that it can be bought at a MUCH lower price online.