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Jun 25, 2012 10:21 AM

Matunuck Oyster Bar review (RI)

Heard great things about MOB so went there for dinner Saturday night. Gorgeous view, nicely setup outdoor seating and bar area over looking an inlet (which the sun sets over). Valet parking is a nice touch when it is as crowded as it was Saturday. Had a 45 minute wait for a table, but easily got drinks at the inside bar.

The food itself was good, but not amazing. Got the clam chowder (entirely too thick, which is too bad because the underlieing flavor was nice) and the little neck clams, chourico and white beans dish (very good, although a bit too salty). My wife got a lobster which was large and tasty.

Service was lacking - but given how packed it was, this was not shocking. Forgot the claw-cracker for the lobster, and then forgot again when we asked for one. But she was nice and tried hard.

Would absolutely go back again for the great location and good food.

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  1. Shocked you only waited 45 minutes! In my view, it's the best seafood restaurant in RI. Always nice to see the owner working as hard as the rest of the staff. We can't wait to go back, but probably not until after Labor day.

    1. We had a great experience there earlier in the year. In another thread from a few months ago I posted:

      We ate at Matunuck Oyster Bar yesterday and loved it. Although a little chilly, we along with several others, sat outside. They lit up the outdoor heaters for those who wanted them. I had seared scallops with truffle butter, wild mushroom risotto and grilled vegetables. My wife had clams with linguine in a wine and olive oil sauce. Both dishes were outstanding and the scallops in particular were perfectly cooked. Both dishes were pretty simple and thus let the fresh seafood do the talking. Service was outstanding. The servers not only knew about their various oysters, they were outwardly proud of the fact that the Matunuck oysters came from their own farm. We hope to get there again and I'm kicking myself for not getting there sooner.

      1. One of my favorite restaurants in Rhode Island...