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Jun 25, 2012 10:19 AM

Anything of note near Mt Blue/ Webb Lake in Maine?

We're set for a family camping adventure in late August so I'm looking for either a place relatively near by we could visit or a place we could stop for interesting provisions along the way from 95 in Weld, Peru, Wilton, Jay, Livermore or Turner. I searched the boards but couldn't find anything so far.

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  1. You're really pretty far out there when you get to Mt. Blue. I think that your closest bet would be Farmington. All of the towns that you list are small or not well off. Bethel might be worth checking out although it is not on your drive to Mt. Blue. The only other town I can think of that would be a possibility would be Kingfield. Otherwise, there is a Whole Foods just off 295 in Portland.