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Jun 25, 2012 10:15 AM

Dress codes in any Santa Fe restaurants?

I'll be in Santa Fe the toward the end of the week. Having been there, actually lived there, many years ago I don't remember any dress codes in any of the "upscale" restaurants.
We're planning on making this a casual jeans and shorts trip but don't want to be turned away from the door for lack of proper attire.
I was thinking dress jeans and nice shirts and shoes would be fine, but my traveling companion wanted to know for sure so we can plan accordingly.

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  1. The whole state is still really informal, including Santa Fe. It would probably be a little disrespectful to show up at the Compound in acid wash cutoffs and a ratty tank top, but you'll be completely, totally fine in dress jeans and a nice shirt.

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      Thank you so much finlero. I had a feeling it hasn't changed all that much but wanted to be sure.

    2. Jeans are going to be very hot to wear with the temps we have been experiencing. I don't think shorts are in order for the nicer places, but maybe light weight slacks. Not sure if you are a male or that hampers suggestions. :o)