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Jun 25, 2012 09:37 AM

Breakfast in/near Brentwood

A friend/business partner and I are wanting to have a mid-morning (10-10:30am start time) breakfast today. I'd like to expand beyond what I already know and see if I can get some rec's.

I'd prefer a place that is NOT a greasy spoon, and if they are organic/farm-to-table oriented, all the better. Something with more than just pastries is preferred, I need some protein!

What I can already think of: The Larder at Tavern, Huckleberry, Clementine, Fig (love them, but not so much for breakfast), Bread and Porridge (haven't been in a while).

Has anyone tried to Blue Daisy near Whole Foods? Their savory crepes sound interesting (and I love crepes in general).

Oh, how I wish fundamental LA was open for breakfast today--it would have been a slam dunk!

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    1. re: Servorg

      Servorg--thank you, I didn't realize M&O did a fiull breakfast--that looks like a good option! I will try and "sell" it to my friend. :-)

    2. Farmshop is good but overpriced.

      1. I know its too late for today, and they are closed on Mondays anyway, but one of my favorite breakfasts is at Amandine. Go for the french toast -- two big pieces, fluffy, moist in the middle -- or the quiche. Supplement with one of their excellent croissants or finish with a slice of one of their wonderful cream pies -- I like the lemon. Avoid the omelettes, not bad, but certainly nothing special.

        1. Where did you end up going, sablouwho?

          Blue Daisy is decent. I like their Eggs Scandia, like an Eggs Benedict but swapping in croissant for the English muffin and smoked salmon for the Canadian bacon, and their zucchini hash browns. It's a little more pedestrian than the other places you named (except for Bread and Porridge).

          Even though it's probably not very Chow-worthy, the few times I had breakfast at Daily Grill in Brentwood have always been good,

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          1. re: PeterCC

            We wound up going to Milo and Olive. We both loved it. It was a great recommendation and I wouldn't have thought of it had it not been for the awesomeness of the CH board!