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Jun 25, 2012 09:21 AM

Lamb Jamb July 15 Discount?

Just wondering if anyone knows of a discount for the Lamb Jamb coming up.


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  1. Looks like there was an offer on Bloomspot that has expired (although it wasn't dated so may have been for another year). I poked around and didn't find anything else.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      It was for this year. I saw it and found it strange that the map included pinpointed the local in Washington DC although the address was Fisher Loop in the Presidio,

    2. I read about it on Thrillist from June 19th
      $35 to the 3rd-annual fest, incl. 3hrs of lamb & drinks + contests & more

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      1. re: saffrongold

        Thanks for the tip, but Thrilllist shows this deal as already sold out.

        I got the half-price deal from Bloomspot last year, which was great. But I have not seen it again so far this year (I get their daily emails) .

        We really enjoyed the event last year and decided to go ahead and order tickets directly from the Lamb Jam web site for this year's event.

        They did sell out the event completely last year. As far as I can tell they are in the same location so they would not be able to expand it much, so maybe there is less emphasis on discount promotions this year, if they think they are going to sell out anyway.

        It was really a great event and IMHO worth the full $50. Medium size crowd, so the lines for most things were not too long. Tasting portions from the dozen or so restaurant/contestants (you get to vote for your favorite) were small to medium, but once you made the rounds and tried everything, you have had plenty of food. Of course, you can go back for seconds of your favorites.

        The one group that was roasting whole lamb on a grill outside and making a gyro-style wraps had the longest line. The portion they were offering was a meal in itself.

        Many wineries pouring tastes. All from Paso Robles, if I recall correctly. Very good wine that matched well with all the lamb dishes. A few local brewers were also there. Because it was a warm day for SF, they were getting a lot of takers.

        The location in the Presidio is beautiful. All of the rooms had doors that opened to the outdoors, so once you secure your food and drink you can move outside to the courtyard and adjacent lawns to enjoy. The view out over the bay and GGBridge is spectacular (unless we get fog this year).

        There was free parking in the Presidio and there are MUNI lines that get you close to the location.

        I'd love to hear from any CH'ers that will be going. Maybe we can figure out a way to identify ourselves.