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Jun 25, 2012 09:06 AM


I'll be traveling to New Orleans from Miami in about a month with 3 girlfriends. Two of us have been to N.O. several times, while the other two are virgins, so to speak. We're looking to eat well and have fun - we're in our early to mid 30s, by the way. Please review and feel free to comment or recommend better options.

Fly in on Thursday:
Planning a cocktail tour of New Orleans for the group - these places are on my list:
• Igors – Bloody Mary
• Napoleon House – Pimms Cup
• Carousel Bar – French 75
• Pat O’Brians – Hurricane (for the newbies in our group)
• Tropical Isle – Hand Granade (for the newbies in our group)
• Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar-- anything.
• Old Absinthe House – Absinthe Frappe
• Tonique – Dark and Stormy
I'm sure we will end up having bar snacks here and there, so lunch doesn't concern me.

Dinner on Thursday -- OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS. I would like to go to a nice restaurant, but nothing too formal or stuffy. Definitely looking for southern or cajun cuisine. These were some of the places on my list:

Friday's daytime eating -- Planning on a Cafe du Monde stop in the AM. Having a late lunch at Commander's Palace. Set in stone.

Dinner on Friday - OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS. Looking for a casual, fun, dinner spot - Not talking shorts and flip flops, but more like jeans and a nice top, kind of place. Will probably bounce around Frenchmen Street after dinner, so I had Three Muses down as a possible place. However, I would like to present the girls with some other options and am drawing a total blank. Originally, I had thought of Luke as well, but I've been reading mixed reviews. However, I hope this helps you understand what we are going for. Jacques IMOs is not an option - last time I was there, we waited 2+ hours for a table and the food was just ok, not the best experience.

My Saturday is not yet panned out either, but I'll get to that on another post (on another day)... Post is running rather long. Look forward to hearing from you and your suggestions!! I'm very excited to return to New Orleans and hope to plan out a trip for the girls that will blow their socks off.

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  1. You most likely won’t be hungry after a late lunch at Commanders. Three Muses is a good choice for small plates. And you will most likely be too drunk to go out of the Quarter on Thursday. If you’re up for it, I think Domenica might fit the bill for Thursday night. Save your high end meal for Saturday night and plan your day around it. Coquette and a little shopping on Magazine Street might be perfect.

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      Thanks for the response, Shanefink! Lunch at Commanders is set for 1:30 pm. Pretty sure that by 8:00 - 8:30, we'll be ready to eat again. Three Muses is definitely a contender for Fri night, but I wanted to supply the girls with some options and let them participate in some of the decision making.

      With regards to Thurs, I doubt we will make it to all of the places on our cocktail tour list... It might be something we complete over the course of the weekend. Domenica sounds wonderful, I may try to make it out there for happy hour at some point. However, I'm not sure that we would want to do Italian or pizza for dinner.

      Definitely planning on making Saturday all about a nice dinner. Have been to Coquette in the past for lunch and loved it.

      Appreciate your feedback. Thanks!!

    2. Wow, you first night of "bar hopping" sound impressive - ah youth!

      I like Mila, though cochon has great "down home Cajun" food, good service and a small, but very serviceable wine list - they are just two different restaurants. Have not made it to Coquette, but it does get great reviews.

      As for CDM, I would go early, if you are up to it, or late. From mid-morning, until mid-afternoon, the lines can be rather long. Also, very early, or pretty late, and you will more likely be "rubbing elbows" with locals, and not folk from _____ .



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      1. re: Bill Hunt

        Yes, those lines at CDM can be brutal, especially with the summer heat & humidity factored in. Thanks for the tip!

        I have dined at all 3 restaurants noted above as my Thursday options -- all were very different, but fantastic in their own way. Would you add any others to my list? I'm fishing for another option because there are 4 of us on this trip, and I'm suggesting that each girl eliminate one restaurant until we end up with the final one. Did that the last time I traveled in a group and it worked out quite well.

        Thanks, again!

        1. re: JFarah

          A lovely streetcar ride up St. Charles, but not THAT close to you, I really, really like Brigtsen's in River Bend. If you have not been, then I would work hard, to fit that into the schedule.



      2. We are staying just outside of the quarter at the International House. Do not have a car. Planning on walking, cabbing, or taking the street car to get around.

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        1. re: JFarah

          Sort of in your neighborhood, I have had many enjoyable meals at Emeril's, his eponymous restaurant in the Warehouse District.

          I cannot recall, but has anyone mentioned Restaurant August yet?



          1. re: Bill Hunt

            I did visit Emeril's for lunch on my last visit a few years ago. While the food was great (had the porkchop!), I wasn't crazy about the ambiance.
            Finally decided on Herbsaint for dinner on Thursday - am pretty excited about that, as I have never been. Will consider Brigstens & August for Saturday night. Thank you!

            1. re: JFarah

              The ambiance is a bit "bright and noisy" for me, BUT the staff seems to cover for that, at least in my book.

              I like the intimacy of NOLA, upstairs, a bit better, though the service lacks some of the "personality" of Emeril's. Six of one...

              Food has always been very good to great, at either.


        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I'd suggest Sylvain for Friday night, just to have another option to throw out to the girls. It's a darling little place, and they make really good drinks. I'm thinking champagne and french fries might be on the agenda for my next trip.


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            1. re: cbarker

              Thanks so much! I actually did add Sylvain onto my list for Friday night. The menu looks great.

              1. re: JFarah

                If you get the chance, please report back and let us know how the trip went. Have fun!!

                1. re: cbarker

                  Will do! Flying in tomorrow. =)