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Jun 25, 2012 09:00 AM

PBS the last bastion for REAL shows on cooking.

Am I the only one who thinks this? In SC I get to watch them on PBS from noon to 3 on Saturday. I the NC station noon to 3 on Sunday. I miss these types of show dearly.

Food TV has gotten to a point where it is as much about food as MTV is to music.

In full disclosure I just finished taking part in a "reality cook show" for one of the networks. I am now sitting here wondering if it will be worth watching. I would rather show people how we did it that add all the drama.

Thank you for listening to my rant.

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  1. agreed. America's Test Kitchen, Cooks Country, Pepin, Keller, and Ming trump anything on Fm for me. I tried out for the first season of MasterChef. Pretty glad i didn't make the cut there. Ironically some of the America's Test Kitchen staff were helping judge the interviews.

    1. Two years ago I moved into a home that doesn't have cable, and judging from how bad FN was getting anyway, and reading all the comments here--I haven't missed a thing. Give me PBS cooking shows any day, ESPECIALLY the older ones. You are far from being the only one, believe me!

      1. PBS's CREATE channel is even better for cooking shows. They have them scattered throughout the day and sometimes on Saturdays, they will have cooking topics all day long.

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          I think I would subscribe to PBS on the net if I could get this on demand.

        2. I guess it's gone full circle... when cable was taking off in the 90's they started with cooking shows as good as PBS... remember Biba Caggiano (TLC i think) and Milliken and Fenninger on the new Food network?
          They've all gone to the lowest common denominator and left real instructional cooking to PBS again.

          Of course in the 90's, A&E was Arts and Entertainment and had symphony concerts and museum tours if you can imagine that. TLC was the Learning Channel... all how-to. No flying saucers or ghosts anywhere then.

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          1. re: Dave_in_PA

            I remember those days -- my hubby and I had just moved back to the States and bought our first TV. I couldn't believe they had good stuff like concerts, etc. Bravo had good stuff, as well. Long gone.

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              And Discovery was about science and History about history.

              PBS always has been and probably always will be a fantastic channel.


              1. re: Dave_in_PA

                I'm glad you mentioned Feniger and Milliken, I was starting to think i'd hallucinated their being on FN in the early days.

              2. This sentiment has been echoed for at least 7 years now.