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Jun 25, 2012 08:20 AM

Spirits Selection in Ann Arbor Area?

I am travelling to Ann Arbor and hope to find Aperol, Veev (Acai Spirit - don't ask...), and St. Germain as well as Prosecco and interesting Italian wines - what are the best places to try for one-stop shopping (or forgive my naivete if beer / wine is sold in separate outlets from spirits - please educate me!).

I will have a rental car and am willing to drive as necessary and will also be around the Detroit Airport area if that would help - thanks very much!

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  1. In Ann Arbor, the place to go first for this stuff is Morgan & York on Packard. Other options can be Village Corner, now up on north campus on Plymouth Road, and A&L Wine Castle on stadium. There's a fair few other liquor stores around but those are the three I go to when I'm looking for something interesting. Be sure to try to buy at the Michigan minimum price!

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      To find the state minimum prices, you can use the online price list from the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.
      That'll give you the state min price, as well as the name of the distributor, the liquor code order number thing, and everything else they'd need to order it if they don't carry it.

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        This is awesome - wish we had it in Massachusetts! Thanks!

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        Village Corner is on North Campus now? That's just wrong.

        RLH, liquor in Michigan is a different license than beer/wine. Many places sell beer and wine that don't sell hard stuff.

        "Party stores" are commonly sellers of hard stuff along with beer and wine. They do not sell balloons, streamers, or other festive decorations.

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          Yes, the terminology is deceptive. Some of them have wide selections of liquor. If you're downtown I'd look in at the Main. St. Party Store at Main and Ann. Not sure about the liquors you mention, but they have quite a group of scotches.

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            believe me, I weep whenever I go past the corner of s. forest and s. university for the loss of the best store in A2. It's just NOT the same on north campus. For chrissakes, there are HIPSTERS and NOT punks working the registers there.

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            Thanks very much for providing several options - bet I will find it shortly. I like the term Party Store, but did expect to find decorations, streamers, etc. - now I won't be disappointed...thanks to all again!! I can help with Massachusetts info of this sort based on exhaustive searches and samplings if you ever need it.

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              Success with the Veev ($5 above minimum price of $29.99) at Wine Castle on Stadium (impressive spot with a LOT packed in a small space and very helpful folks!), but had to go to Super Liquor IV on State St to get the Aperol (last bottle in stock there at state minimum price of$19.99) as Wine Castle said it sells out in the summer and they can't get enough stock to keep up with demand - thanks again for the help!

          3. Glad you found everything! I like your shopping list....curious what libations youare crafting....

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              For an Italian Feast, we started with an Aperol Spritz (which the Italian hostess and few others really appreciated - and I loved) and then featured the Veev Acai Basil Gimlet, with local, amazing basil and it was a HUGE hit, even with people "who don't drink cocktails" but did anyway - and asked for refills! It's unique and perfectly refreshing for a hot, humid evening without cloying sweetness or too much artificial flavor. The recipe is on the Veev website.

            2. From Detroit Metro (airport), you'd have been better off making the short trip to Merchant's on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn.


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                Somewhere else exciting to check out on another trip - thanks!