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Jun 25, 2012 08:16 AM

Downtown Cleveland recos needed

Two Chowhounders from Toronto visiting next month and staying at the Downtown Marriott to visit the Rock and Roll HOF.

Really want to park the car and not have to go out at night in search of great food, So looking for places that we can walk to. I've looked at other threads and so far have got Slyman's for breakfast, hit the Walnut St food trucks on Wed. noon for a break from the Hall, then maybe Blue Point Grille or The Greenhouse Tavern or Lola's for dinner.

Anybody with other ideas? I know I'm missing out on some other great places but just don't want to have to drive after maybe having a few glasses of wine with a tasty dinner.......

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  1. Hi!

    You cannot walk to Slyman's from the hotel. Well, I mean, you CAN but it will take a full hour to hour and 10 minutes for the round trip walk, and it isn't very scenic - I've actually done it, and I work in the building attached to the Marriott, but it's a colossal waste of time if you are visiting. There is street parking there (try the side streets if St. Clair itself doesn't have any spots right near Slyman's), I would drive. Yes, it's worth it if you get something with their fantastic corned beef.

    Walnut Wednesday for food trucks is a great choice. GHT and Lola are great choices for dinner. Can't say the same about Blue Point, which is just meh and overpriced IMO.

    We also just opened a new casino that is basically across the street from your hotel on the other side of public square. Even if gambling is not your thing, on the 2nd floor is the food court that features Michael Symon's b-spot for burgers, Rocco Whalen (from FN's "Fat Chef" program)'s Rosie & Rocco's pizza/Italian specialties, and Corky & Lenny's deli. You could do GHT for dinner and eat the B-spot for another meal and not break the bank like you would going to both GHT and Lola, but get to sample some Symon food.

    How many nights/days/meals? Do not eat at the hotel for any meal, their food is slow, plain and atrocious like most hotels. We can help with more suggestions if you lay out exactly what days/meals you are looking for.

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      Many thanks for your reply.

      We are driving down so will be there by Tues night, then will visit the HOF on Wed, then leave Thurs after breakfast/check-out. So I am thinking the casino food court for Tues night, need a bkfst place for Wed Morning, food trucks for Wed lunch, GHT for Wed dinner, then drive to Slyman on Thurs morning as we are leaving.

    2. Oh, also let us know if you're looking for coffee, snackies, hole in the wall bars, whatever. It occurred to me I should recommend Chinato as well, which is on the same street as Lola and GHT - their food is very good and the chef/owner, Zack Bruell, owns several great restaurants in town.

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        If you only had one dinner in Cleveland, would you choose Chinato, GHT or Lola, rockandroller1?

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              Thanks for suggesting GHT, rockandroller1.

              Our server Don was super-friendly. The gratis bread and pork rillettes were delicious. I ordered the Ohio peach with bacon as a first course, and my friends ordered the green salad and steamed clams. One friend had the daily fish (salmon) as a main, and my other friend and I both ordered the Matsutake en papier- a pearl pasta, turnip and Matsutake mushroom dish steamed in paper. Delicious corn on the cob with lime and kimchi (quartered cobs) as a side for the table. Quite a few tables around us were ordering the pork head. Desserts were interesting. The S'mores dessert looked good, but we opted to share the johnny cake with dulce de leche and the cucumber sorbet with lemon cake. Neat place.

              Didn't have an opportunity to try any other places mentioned in the thread. Hope to try them on another visit to Cleveland.

        1. Wow, you have some great choices here. You mustknow somebody from C-Town or have really done your homework. I agree that Slyman's is too far to walk and Corky & lenny's has great corned beef and deli food as well (not sure if the casino branch is as good as the suburban location, but probably it is). I really like Blue Point if you want seafood. Lola is also very good and also is expensive. same with Greenhouse tavern, although a more limited pork-centric menu. Chinato is a little less expensive than the others and has a very interesting Italian menu (not at all your standard red sauce place). An even more reasonable choice is Noodlecat, which has about every typle of noodle (mostly Asian) on the menu and is the baby of another of Cleveland's celebrity chefs. You are staying in a great area for food! I would check out the menus and decide what kind of meal you want, as the quality of all of these places is top notch. Toronto has a lot of great restaurants, but today Cleveland is right up there with your city. You won't be disappointed.!

          1. One other downtown lunch suggestion, in case you have another lunch slot to fill: Cleveland Pickle, on 9th and Euclid. Newish place, really good sandwiches. I've only been there for lunch, but they do have breakfast sandwiches too...

            1. Still need another breakfast place for Wed morning. Anything on the way over from the Marriott to the HOF? Or with a small detour....

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                You could also go to the Market, which is on E 9th about one full city block south of St. Clair. Turn R (south) at 9th, cross Superior, cross to the other side of 9th (E side of E 9th), cross over Walnut and it's there on your left.