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Jun 25, 2012 07:15 AM

Tex Mex near Union Square

Will be staying near Union Square and love Mexican, but prefer Tex Mex (burritos, tacos, enchiladas), lots of cheese, guacamole, and sauce--doesn't have to be fancy but no fast food; a decent wine selection would be appreciated. I've seen there are numerous upscale Mexican restaurants, which I will consider, but again, prefer Tex Mex. Any recs?

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  1. Not walkable from Union Square (would have to take a cab or public transportation) but you could try something like Mamacita's or Tacolicious. Not Tex Mex really, but good american adapted Mexican food.

    1. SF is really the wrong city for this.

      1. Not near Union Square, but Green Chili Kitchen has some dishes that fit your bill:

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          I was under the impression Green Chili Kitchen was in the tradition of New Mexico.

          Any way, agree that SF isn't the place to get TexMex, whereas Texas would be. That said, Chevy's.

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            GCK is New Mexican fair, which I have always considered to be similar to Tex Mex. Am I mistaken?

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              I don't know enough about New Mexican cuisine to say but since they share a border it makes sense there's similarities. Of course I'm sure there's both Texans and New Mexicans that disagree.

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                When I think about Tex-Mex, I think about beef being central to a lot of dishes. In New Mexico, it's all about the chiles and the wonderful sauces made from them. They also use pork and poultry more.

                Obviously, there are some common elements to all the border cuisines, with delicious variations as you move from one region to the next.

                So to the OP, we don't really have a lot of Tex-Mex style places in SF but we do have our own regional take on Mexican food. Colibri is a nice restaurant with an upscale spin. You could also do a little research hereon CH about the Mission District and favorite taquerias and get a taste of what we do here. It won't be exactly like your favorite Tex-Mex places, but you will find enough familiar things to make you happy and some new tastes as well.

        2. I'm not sure I'd call it TexMex, but Colibri on Geary has upscale Mexican food and is pretty good. Their specialty is table-made guacamole.

          1. Thanks all. Colibri menu looks good, surely not Tex Mex but at least I can get my fix of guacamole, I'm sure.

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              I haven't been but there is a new place on Valencia, West of Pecos. Haven't heard anything on these boards but the photos on Yelp look very good. ( I only use Yelp for the photos of the food! ).
              It's not that cose to Union Square but very easy to get to by public transport, (but NOT so easy to park!)