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Jun 25, 2012 07:10 AM

best of

I live in montreal, and will be travelling to dallas in a couple of weeks...I am looking for the BEST steakhouse, and the BEST smokehouse, for some real bbq!

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  1. You will get no end of replies for best steakhouse. I'm not an expert on steakhouses, but many others will chime in, I'm sure.

    As far as barbeque is concerned, most folks on this board will tell you that Dallas isn't a smoked meat hot spot -- but Pecan Lodge is our salvation. Pecan Lodge is in the Dallas Farmer's Market (which is downtown), in Shed #2. They only serve barbeque Thursday through Sunday, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Get there early, because they often sell out before 3:00. Get the brisket for sure -- they also have ribs, pulled pork, and sausage. Everything's good, but the brisket is as good as the famous bbq places in central Texas.

    You really won't need a steak after Pecan Lodge.

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    1. re: Dallas Alice

      A (huge) second for Pecan Lodge!

      We have so many popular steakhouses in Dallas, you'll surly get recommendations for each of them! None of which are cheap, btw.
      My own faves are,
      Nick & Sam's
      Pappas Bros.

      1. re: Dallas Alice

        I also agree about Pecan Lodge, but, if you can't get there before the meat is sold out, I would also recommend Lockhart Smokehouse in the Bishop Arts District. Their jalepeno sausage is out of control! I always make sure to request the fatty cut of the brisket for the most smoke flavor and it's amazing.

        In terms of steakhouses, I haven't been to enough of them to really compare, but I had great experiences at both Nick & Sam's and Bob's

        1. re: hypahypo

          I really like Smoke - in Oak Cliff at the Belmont Hotel. It is not the "classic" experience it is a bit more gourmet but they do their own meat and its fabulous.

          We've tried most of the steak houses and I think Del Frisco is my husband's favorite (and steak is his thing). I liked Pappas Brothers and Al Beirnat's is good too. I didn't much like Nick and Sam's - very nice atmosphere and trendy but maybe maintaining that is more important than the food? It's not bad of course but just not excellent either. Let me say he usually gets a rib eye, medium and I usually get a new york strip on the rare side. At Del Friscos though I had a veal... t-bone I think and it was awesome and very different.

      2. To Dallasites: I think the brisket at Hard Eight in Carrollton is pretty good, but I'm a relative newbie here -14 mos - and my memories of Elgin when I lived in Austin 25 years ago have faded. What say all about Hard Eight? Also, I like the rare filet with blue chese at Houstons in Addison.

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        1. re: Veggo

          I've never been to "Hard Eight" but, I love everything at Houston's! Their prime rib is equal to Lawry's.

          1. re: Veggo

            Not a fan of Hard 8, it's not bad but easy to do better. Meshack's, Pecan Lodge, and Lockhart Smokehouse would be worth your time.

          2. I made my first visit to Pecan Lodge last week. Have to agree with the other posters, it is the best in Dallas. However.....I got there at 10:45am on a Friday (it opens at 11), and the line was already 40-50 people long. I didn't get my food until 11:35, and the line behind me was still 40-50 people long. For me, good BBQ is worth that type of wait, but be forewarned.

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            1. re: planojim

              We also went to Pecan Lodge last Friday for lunch. At 1:00. Saw the line of 30-40 people and said, fuggedaboutit! It was NEVER that busy before "Triple D" ruined it for us regulars.
              We did "plan B" and went to Cane Rosso. They too were busy. But not, THAT busy.

            2. thanks everyone...i will definately be going to pecan lodge! sounds amazing, and i have been know to wait longer then 40 minutes for great food! though the kids may whine, but oh well LOL

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              1. re: encoretraiteur

                I would try on a Sunday. Be sure to ask for sliced "fatty" brisket and ribs cut from the middle of the rack. Their pulled pork is also amazing. And, ask for your sauce on the side. Let us know how you did.

                1. re: twinwillow

                  i will! thanks so much much for the great tips!

              2. You might do well to thrown in Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Pakistani and possibly some Indian into your list. There is only so much steak and BBQ you will want to eat. Just a suggestion. Let us know if you want a few more cuisines added for your trip!

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                  i am actually staying with friends, and she is a fabulous cook! i wanted to know about bbq, cause we dont have any here in montreal...and steak? well we have amazing steakhouses here, i really wanted to compare(besides who can ever have enough steak?)! and as for the other cusines you mentioned, we really do have a ton of ethnic restos here....but i will definately let you know if i need anny more recommendations!! thanks!