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Jun 25, 2012 06:24 AM

Good probe thermometer?

Hello, it's finally time to replace my probe thermometer (not instand-read, the kind you stick in a roast that beeps when it's done). I've been using what I call my "camping" thermometer, the old-fashioned, non-electronic kind that doesn't beep, just sits there so you have to check it frequently.

Tried Cooks Illustrated website, and they didn't find a single one they'd recommend (!), but their review is rather old and hasn't been updated.

Any Hounds got one they'd recommend, plus where to buy it? Mail order is no problem!

If it has a very LOUD beep -- I've lost some hearing -- that would be a big plus. Don't need lots of bells and whistles, just a basic beep-when-it's-done model.

Had a good one made by Sunbeam, but it gave up the ghost several years ago.

Thanks in advance for any replies. :)

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  1. I've been using this one for years. Works just fine.

    1. I've had this one for about a year and so far it works well.

      The big selling point on this one is that it's got two sensors - one in the tip of the probe (for interior meat temp) and one at the other end of the probe (for ambient oven temp). This is particularly useful for BBQ or grill cooking so that you know what temp you're cooking at, but it's also great for double-checking the temperature of your indoor oven (you may find that the readout on your oven isn't as accurate as you think).

      Only annoying factor is that the temperature settings only go in one direction, so if you accidentally scroll past the temp you want to set it at you'll have to keep going until it cycles back around (somewhere around 600 degrees is the max, then it returns to zero). Otherwise I've been pretty happy with it.

      1. I have used the ThermoWorks probe thermometer for years and it performs perfectly for me. It is a thermometer as well as a timer (each can work independently from the other). I use the timer as much if not more than the thermometer. It is the best probe thermometer I have ever owned due to its reliability and features it offers and lack of annoying features. Not to mention it's only $19 plus shipping.

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          Thank you, I've ordered the ThermoWorks! :) Hope it'll save me some frustration, since the replacement I bought at Wal-Mart -- can't remember the brand -- doesn't beep! I suspect it's defective.

          Thanks again to everyone who replied.