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Jun 25, 2012 06:20 AM

Mediteranean Turkish Food, Framingham

We tried this place last Thursday. I've gone by a few times and decided to finally check it out. They have awards from the Globe posted outside as well. We perused the menu and decided on Doner Kabob and Eggplant Kabob. They were out of eggplant so Chicken Shawarma it was. Each plate came with some decent hummus(I'm critical, having grown up on my families), a small salad, Syrian bread and the meat. Doner Kabob was tasty, redolent with garlic and dried mint. It was sliced and was very compact so I have to beleieve it's purchased that way similar to Gyros at sub shops. Chicken Shawarma was fresh made and drizzled with tahini sauce and delicious. They were also out of yougurt drink, so 2 meals and 2 sodas under $19. A great thing on a 98 degree day.

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  1. Next time you're there, try the Havuc Kavurmasi appetizer ("cooked grinded carrot mixed with garlic yogurt"). It doesn't sound like much but the first time I had it was one of those 'OMG this is incredible!' moments.

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      Thanks, I'll try it. What other seasonings?
      Sounds similar to Oleana's carrot puree with duka.

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        I don't know what else, if anything, is in it. I quoted the menu, that's how they describe it. Seemed pretty simply to me, but it was really good.