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Jun 25, 2012 06:04 AM

Jim Lahey no-Knead Bread — how to make it softer?

Hi All,

I've been making JIm Lahey's bread for a few years now and love it. But my brother finds the crust too hard. How can I get a softer crust?


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  1. When I freeze the no-knead bread, the crustbis always softer when it is thawed. Kind of an indirect solution to your brother's problem. BTW, I'd rather the crust be less soft when thawed, but to do that I would probably have to reheat in the oven for a bit.

      1. re: Karl S

        I agree that a plastic bag is the way to go -- but not until after it's fully cooled.

        1. re: sweethooch

          Actually, not quite so fully cooled makes for an even softer crust. (Now, that's not something I'd like, but it might suit the needs of the OP's situation.)

      2. Brush it with olive oil (improves flavor too)

        1. yeah, fat makes softer bread. not sure how much to tell you to add though. maybe start with 1 or 2 tbsp

          1. As Todao says, olive oil. Or rub a stick of butter over the crust.