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Jun 25, 2012 05:39 AM

More On Noodle House

After eating a few more times at Noodle House in Edison, I thought I'd start a new thread. They've got their whole menu going and seem to be treading some new ground. They describe the food as "Farmer Style Hunan" and offer the sort of rustic Chinese food that will either delight or scare the pants off you.

"Braised Pork Mao Style" was one of the richest things I'd ever eaten in a Chinese restaurant. Pieces of pork belly and shiitake mushroom were cooked in a thick sauce. Delicious, but not for those watching their fat intake. "Chicken With Beer Hunan Style" was pieces of stewed hen with an interesting sauce. The bone and tough meat were perfect for those who like to pick at their dishes and off-putting to anybody else. I could easily imagine some homesick person from Hunan crying over either of these.

My wife wouldn't allow me to try "Bandit Pork Liver" or "White Chili With Pork Stomach," two of the many offal dishes, but did allow beef and tripe with chili sauce, a cold dish that's pretty common in this part of New Jersey.

Of course, the soup noodle dishes on the back of the menu are terrific - at least up to the standard set by Shanghai Noodle and Noodlicious (both only a few minutes away).

And the name and address?

Noodle House
556 Old Post Road, Edison, NJ, 08817

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  1. Thanks for posting about this place, Brian. It is on my short list.

    1. Thanks, I might go back for lunch tomorrow. How was the flavor of the hen?

      1. Sounds good! Where is Noodle House near? Will have to give them a try when I am in the neighborhood. Is Shangai Noodle part of Shangahi Bun? Also, I thought Noodlelicious was closed. I drove by there a couple of weeks ago and it looked closed. Maybe, I'm wrong.

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          Chuck; the chicken in beer dish was deeply flavored and so bony that it was almost impossible to eat.. Wench, Noodle House is near Shanghai Noodle and Noodleicious. As for Noodlelicious, it's still in business (and packed all the time) as of a couple of weeks ago, but it's not open that much either. A couple of hours for lunch and a couple of more at dinner time and that's it. Closed Mondays too.

          1. re: BrianYarvin

            Mao pork was good, although a smallish portion (lunch special). I'll be going back to try a couple of other things, but first Shawarma Express in HP. Munchmobile had good things to say about it.

            Brian, have you contributed to any of the chowhound "favorite spots" posts? I'd be interested to see your favorites since we seem to have similar territories.

          2. re: wench31

            The Noodle House is in a strip mall on the east side of Route 1 north.

            There's a Korean restaurant right next door.

          3. Brian, thank you for posting about this place! I went there with my daughter for lunch today. She had the beef stew hand pulled noodles and I had the pork chop hand pulled noodles. My pork chop was overdone and hard. The beef stew was off the bone soft! We both ordered a fried egg on top of our noodles. Noodles were great. Service was friendly and attentive. Will definitely go back with the hubby and try other items on the menu. I was a little afraid to try some items on the menu. But my husband is looking forward to the adventure!

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              I'm sorry, I don't really have any favorite spots. Things change too fast. All you have to do is say one place or another is great and a new competitor will pop up and put it to shame. Witness the current boom in Edison noodle restaurants - places come, go, and change their menus so fast that it just leaves me puzzled.


              You're welcome. At Noodle House, the dishes are always interesting, but textures can be strange and off-putting if - like me - you're not a Hunan farmer. Someday soon I'll try the "Bandit Pork Liver" though. The name alone makes me curious.

            2. Yet another place - the tiny strip mall between Middlesex Mall and Hadley Center, Stelton Rd, Piscataway/So Plainfield has a new sign: "Noodle Go-Go, Coming Soon".

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              1. re: chuck98

                Noodle Go Go is open now, decent food and authentic menu. Looks mostly cantonese - roast pork/duck/pig, noodle soups, congee, etc. - plus a handful of pan-asian dishes so they can use the word "bistro" on the sign.

                I eyed the tofu and roast pig, but picked the lo mein with minced pork and pickled vegetable. The waiter tried to talk me out of it on grounds it's for a chinese palate and I didn't understand what I was asking for. I assured him I did.

                I must not have been convincing because he brought out noodle soup with beef belly and fresh vegetable. It was good so I didn't mind, but I love pickled veg so I went back after a couple of days to try again. This time the waiter (a different one) brought out noodle soup with minced pork and pickled veg. Close enough. The minced pork tasted vaguely of feet, but didn't really detract.

                I'll try again in a couple of weeks. Hopefully they'll get it right so I can move on to the pig and tofu, which I had years ago in NY but haven't seen in NJ.

                1. re: chuck98

                  What's the address? Wouldn't mind going there and giving it a shot! :)

                  1. re: wench31

                    I think it's 4811 Stelton Rd, in either Piscataway or South Plainfield. It's on Stelton right between Hadley Plaza and Middlesex Mall.

                  2. re: chuck98

                    I was dissuaded from ordering the "authentic" items at Wonder when I tried it a few months ago. I don't like this kind of treatment and it seems to only happen at these Chinese joints. Mexican, Eastern Euro, any other places I've ordered non- American dishes are excited to serve them to me