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Jun 25, 2012 02:59 AM

EMP Duck

Is the duck at EMP still carved tableside? We'll be ordering it at lunch for 4 people in addition to the 4 course menu. Thank you!

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  1. It was Thursday night. It was also the very best duck I have had anywhere.

    We also got an awesome mini-course of duck tongue prior to the big show.

    1. Just as nmprisons described it for me at lunch a little over a week ago.

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      1. re: degustingdiary

        How do you order the duck? Do you have to order it in advance? Is it in addition to the 4 course meal?

        1. re: Worldwide Diner

          It can be an addition or used as the main protein course to the 4 course. I always suggest requesting it ahead because it is not always available.

          1. re: Spiritchaser

            Thanks! I just sent them an e-mail to see if they can make sure we get a duck.

            1. re: Spiritchaser

              It can also be an addition to or used as the pain protein in the tasting.

            2. re: Worldwide Diner

              Yeah, I requested it when I made the reservation and--like Spiritchaser said--it served as the main course of our tasting menu.

          2. It is always better to reserve in advance, but two of us could instantly order it by replacing the entrees for two in our recent lunch prix fixe.

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            1. re: kosmose7

              I'd like to ask, if you do ask that it replace the entree, is there an additional charge?

              1. re: DaisyM

                Nope! There wasn't any extra charge. :)
                Just your normal two entrees will be substituted by two portions of duck.

            2. We ordered the duck as an add on. It was $100 extra, at lunch.

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              1. re: Worldwide Diner

                It was not on the grid for lunch lately (new menu), but was offered in place of one of the 4 choices on the grid, no extra charge.

                1. re: golfer1

                  Thanks. The EMP duck is one of my favorites, and am glad to hear that it is still an option and at no extra charge.

                  1. re: golfer1

                    Just out of curiosity - What would you do if you were charged extra for the duck even though it replaced one of the 4 choices? I was taking my wife out to a nice lunch (came up from DC for the weekend as a little surprise birthday present) so I really didn't want to quibble about price since she loved the entire meal and service was great. I just wasn't sure what to do since I did receive an email a week prior to the meal stating the duck was not an extra charge.

                    I know the question is moot now given they've removed the 4 course lunch option but figured it'd be worth asking just from a dining etiquette perspective. As an aside, this happened a year ago so I obviously never contacted the restaurant afterward. I just figured a policy change must've occurred a few days prior to my meal...Unfortunately that wasn't true since people were still reporting that the duck shouldn't have been an additional cost right up to the recent menu change.

                    1. re: miltronix

                      The duck at EMP had always had a surcharge (I can't remember how much) even when it replaced the main protein on the 4 course menu--or at least I had always paid a surcharge for the duck. I'm delighted to hear that there is no longer a surcharge.

                      1. re: ellenost

                        Just to clarify, it was not replacing any of the four choices I don't think, but was replacing the third line down...(Protein heavy items). No surcharge.

                        1. re: golfer1

                          We had the same experience at lunch on Monday. The duck was offered as a replacement to the four main protein items on the third row of the ingredient grid as long as we both selected it and at no extra charge.

                          1. re: beantowntitletown

                            It didn't have to be ordered in advance?

                            1. re: DaisyM

                              Good question .I called on Friday to ask, and was told that it was available every day. Then our server on Monday said that we happened to be there on a day. the duck was being offered Guess I'd call to be safe.

                              1. re: beantowntitletown

                                Thanks, I will call as soon as I get the reservation.