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Any Good Eats at Merrimack Outlet Mall?

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Has anyone been to the Merrimack Mall and had something good to eat? What is open regarding restaurants other than the food court? Thanks in advance!

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      I stopped by yesterday - its all food court food, nothing worth stopping in for unfortunately.

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        Thanks Msample! I'm going on Friday with my daughter. Better plan to have lunch elsewhere.

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        There's a Common Man around the corner

      3. If the weather is pleasant, the Bedford Village Inn's Patio is a lovely spot for lunch. It's about 10 minutes away, going north. http://www.bedfordvillageinn.com/d/be...

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          Swan Chocolates is close by if you want desert after shopping - they also do coffee drinks.


          Make sure you (& your daughter) have comfortable shoes too ParisLady- it's kinda a funky set up where you have to go in & out of rows so there's a lot of walking. Enjoy! : )

        2. Thanks everyone! Had a great day shopping at tis new Mall! Should have read this thread before I left. We did not eat there..just food court...which looked decent and clean...as Msample reported. Next time will try The Common Man and/ or all other recommendations . Thank You! Great bargains now PS :)