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Jun 25, 2012 12:31 AM

London dining

Is the Wolseley worth going to for afternoon tea? Also, want to go to Noura and can you provide recommendations on what to order? Have never had Lebanese and don't know what's good??? Where's the best place for traditional fish and chips and any other places I should go to? Will hit Borough mkt on Thursday and any recommendations on food to try there. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and thanks a bunch : )

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  1. I've never had tea at the Wolseley, but I think if you put 'afternoon tea' in the search box, you'll come up with lots of recommendations. Deux Salon does one as does the Mandeville Hotel (very quiet room and nice service). There's also Fortnum & Mason and scores of others.

    For fish and chips I'd recommend Master's Superfish or the Golden Hind. There are lots of comments on both on this board.

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      We will try for the Wolseley for breakfast. The menu on the website looks great and many good reviews on all the blogs. Thanks for your info!!