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Jun 24, 2012 11:05 PM

What would your final meal in Denver be?

hey all,
my gf and i are trekking across the country searching for the best food. we plan on stopping in denver for 2-3 meals (mid-week). we could go the usual route and look for food&wine mag recs, yelp, zagat, but really, we are after "just the food". and there is no better place then CH.

if you had 1 meal in denver, what would it be? not just the restaurant, but the specific dish we need to order.
price is not the driving factor, but we are not looking for an amazing dining experience (just got back from napa), we are simply looking for the greatest FOOD. it could be in a gas station. or a strip mall....i guess we are looking for everyones "death row / final meal" in denver. (sorry to make it morbid)

we are going to post a similar thread in each of the other cities we are going to, and will make a google map with the results (and share it with everyone)....and then come back to write about the experiences.

fyi, here are the other cities: phoenix, albuquerque, kansas city, st louis, louisville, columbus, philadelphia, nyc.

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  1. Biker Jim's. Definitely. It's just a fun local place to go to, and pretty unique to Denver. Look up what Anthony Bourdain has to say about the place.

    Definitely try some green chili while you're here too. You can get it pretty much anywhere - I'm not sure of the best spot.

    And if you're gonna be in the Philly/NYC area, stop in between in the Trenton area and go to any of the DeLorenzo's pizza locations for a slice - my favorite pizza on earth, and most of Jersey agrees with me. There are actually two branches of the family operating in the area, but both versions are excellent. (The Hudson St location in Trenton is recently closed though.)

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    1. re: Heatherb

      While I agree that Biker Jim's would be a good option I have to disagree with the green chile rec. With Albuquerque and Phoenix also on the route unless the OP is interested in a comparison I would think those other 2 cities far superior than Denver green chile (which often has tomatoes making it just wrong to me having lived in Santa Fe and Las Cruces for 9 years).

      1. re: RobynS

        LOL, RobynS, I'm definitely not a green chile expert, since I'm a recent transplant. I defer to your greater experience.

      2. re: Heatherb

        awesome. i ready a bunch about biker jims. might have to make a snack out of it. though we have a crazy sausage place here that sounds similar (wurstkuche).

        for pizza, we will definitely try to stop at delorenzo. i usually stick with my ny favs (robertas, grimaldis, di fara, keste, etc)...but this trip warrants breaking the status quo :)

        1. re: avidan

          Check out the Jersey board for the debates on DeLo's. If you want an old-school experience, check out the Hamilton Ave location. If you want a more "charred" crust check out hte DeLo's in Robbinsville off of 33. If you just wanna grab a quick slice, jump off 295 at Sloan Ave and grab a slice from Risoldi's Thriftway. Personally, I'd choose the Hamilton Ave location and make sure to get a birch beer while you're there:)

      3. The lobster ramen noodles at Bones would be pretty high on my list. Haven't had them for a couple of years, but if they're still as good as they used to be... yum.

        1. Roasted Chicken or Lamb - Rioja
          Burrata or Salumi/Cheese Plate - Osteria Marco
          Steamed Buns - Bones
          Poutine - Euclid Hall
          French Soup Dumplings - Cholon

          Honestly I don't get the Biker Jim's hype. Maybe we were there on an off day but the dogs were dry & rubbery & the staff was more concerned about screwing around than actually helping anyone.

          As for green chile, Colorado (& Wyoming) green chile is a completely different beast from New Mexico green chile. That's not to say that one is better than another. There will always be a debate about who has the best green chile & all I can say is if you get a chance, try it in each place & come to your own conclusions.

          I'm sure there are more recs, I'll add them as I can remember...

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          1. re: jcattles

            ya. thats exactly what we are looking for. im also a super food geek, so i always love seeing people with crazy creative contraptions for cooking (converting a shed into a smoke house, propane tank into a smoker, etc). i build computer controlled cooking equipment for fun, so i always love finding the other crazies out there!

            as far as chile is concerned, we will definitely get some in NM, but it seems like denver has so many other great meals, it may need to be skipped (unless someone has a must see place)

            1. re: avidan

              A bowl of green at the Cherry Cricket may make you stay another day.

              1. re: Veggo

                awesome. we'll have to take a look. any other "must haves"?

                1. re: avidan

                  Olathe corn and Colorado spring lamb in their seasons.

                2. re: Veggo

                  Veggo, help me out here, just like you do for the Playa area. I followed your suggestions down there and was rewarded for doing so, many times over and for many years. I have family in Boulder so I never get to eat in Denver but will be there this week/end. Staying in Cherry Creek and the Cherry Cricket has been on my must try list forever. Where should I go Thursday night? What is the best thing to eat (nothing asian, don't ask...)? Would love what I can't get at all at home, Mex-Tex/Mex. High end to low end.

                  1. re: stuartlafonda

                    Consider the Las Delicias on E. Kentucky a block from Colorado Blvd. (it's in Glendale, but only a mile from Cherry Creek). Good carnitas, fajitas, rellenos, 'ritas. Thrifty, too. Their crab enchiladas are no longer a menu item, but you might ask because they're good.
                    The Bull & Bush on Cherry Creek Dr. S. (also in Glendale, close) has hearty pub food and substantial burgers, great hand crafted beers brewed on site, mashed with green, also.

                    1. re: Veggo

                      Thank you, Las Delicias looks perfect for us. By the way, I hit Chamica's on Solomon Bay in February and it was ideal setting with excellent food. If you have been there I would love to hear your opinion on the appropriate board. Again, thanks and If anything else comes to mind, please post as I am never far from Chowhound.

            2. While Biker Jim's is fine, I can't fathom going there if it's only for one meal.
              The Buckhorn Exchange or The Fort would easily trump Biker Jim's in a heartbeat.

              1. Another thought: if we can include Boulder here, I'd have to go with Frasca. Not a specific dish (since the menu changes regularly) - just order whatever on the current menu looks good, and odds are it'll be one of the most memorable meals of your year. Not in a bold flavors and unusual presentation kind of way, but in an executed-to-perfection-with-beautiful-ingredients kind of way. Subtle but amazing.

                Also - sorry - I'll add the burrata starter at Pizzera Basta in Boulder. It comes with melted leeks and pork belly, as well as some of their amazing wood-fired pizza dough as bread, and it's pretty mindblowing.

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                1. re: monopod

                  I second the burrata starter at Basta. Each ingredient belongs on the dish, they meld together and when you think back on it a month from now, your mouth will water.