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Jun 24, 2012 09:18 PM

Desserts, Dinners and food in general

I'll be traveling to San Francisco the first week of July and it will be my first trip. I looove desserts and was so disappointed to learn Elizabeth Falkner's Citizen Cake has shut down. Can anyone recommend any other awesome dessert places?

Also, would love some dinner and lunch ideas mid-range price wise. A friend suggested Super Duper burger and Cafe Jaqueline. She also suggested eating waffles which wasn't what I normally think of when thinking San Fran.

And one awesome must-go to place for dinner. My husband and I will get the opportunity for our first date night in a long time.

we're watching beach blanket babylon- any good restaurants nearby?

I know I'm asking for a lot here..appreciate the help!

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  1. If you really love dessert, there are a couple of places that are actually doing dessert tasting menus (Atelier Crenn, Alexander's Steakhouse, Coi).

    For your "date night" -- could you give us a more specific guideline than "awesome"? Style of food, price range, atmosphere, etc.

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      Agree about Atelier Crenn for dessert, definitely a highlight not an afterthought. It is not for everyone though so would research it before committing.

      Alexander's Steakhouse IMHO in SF is a disappointment.

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        Atelier Crenn looks interesting but I guess the Chef makes you whatever they feel like? I kind of hate that element of suprise but I'm intrigued at the same time because it's different. Is it worth it?

        For date night style of food doesn't matter as long as it's not sushi. Price range would be $20-35 for the entree and atmosphere doesn't have to be romantic but not super casual like a fast food joint.

        I've been combing the bpoards and reasearching and found a few other places that may be good for lunch. What do you guys think of
        Super Duper Burger
        Meatball sandwich at Mario Bohemian Cigar store cafe
        El Narteno
        Smitten Ice Cream for nitrogen ice cream

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          At Atelier Crenn, I saw food presented in ways I didn't realize were possible. Truly beautiful. The flavor combinations are unique, but in my opinion don't always work. Lots of higlights and a few lows. It is not a play it safe menu. The service is very friendly and earnest and committed to you having a good time.

          The room does it all a disservice however. It's small and there is only one bathroom which leads to lots of side-stepping and apologizing. I feel ever so slightly anxious in their dining room.

          They have a new sommelier and so the wine aspect seems like it may be improving (which was a past criticism of mine).

          If you don't want the whole tasting menu, the dessert tasting menu is an option (it's $55 a person). As well as a shorter form of the tasting menu for close to half price. They are accommodating if you have dietary restrictions, but it's certainly not a place to go if you don't like surprises.

    2. I recently came back from a trip to SFO. I had the following desserts while I was there:

      Caramel with sea salt and violet candies at Mr. And Mrs. miscellaneous.
      vanilla with toho chocolate sauce at Smitten
      softie from tip and swirl

      Needless to say they were all delicious. Thanks for the recommendations. I don't say this enough but I love you guys.