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Jun 24, 2012 07:23 PM

Rajbhog: Indian Sweets in Cherry Hill

I was just in town for a convention and discovered Rajbhog on my way out of Pho Eden (which was delicious, by the by).

They serve meals, but we didn't get any further than the sweets: two long cases of them, and they also had ice cream in flavors like mango or cashew & raisin or pistachio.

But the sweets kept us busy and we only tried a dozen different kinds: yummy sticky balls or layered cookie type things in pastel colors, made with cashews and almonds and pistachio and cheese and butter and even chick peas.

Very delicious. I know nothing about Indian desserts, but the staff were super nice (as was the staff at Pho Eden) and even the customers were kind and helpful and showed a couple of tyros the ropes.

If you live in this area, check the place out:

Rajbhog Cafe
Springdale Plaza
1900 Greentree Road
Cherry Hill , NJ 08003


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  1. Was this recently?

    My Mother and I usually hit that area about every 6 weeks or so, to Pho out at Eden, stock up on Asian delights at H-Mart and hit up Whole Foods. The last few times, we were very disappointed that the Indian sweets store and attached small grocery was closed with no signs of reconstruction or reopening present . Love to see if they are back, as my Mom loves the ice cream and we have a good friend who we love to treat with the sweets.

    Their website
    Seems to indicate they have re-opened under new management with the adjacent store having been converted into a restaurant. This would be great, I have had a dosa craving for a while now.

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    1. re: Quine

      The restaurant and the bakery are both open and seem to share a kitchen. When I first walked in, a server was bringing a dosa over to the restaurant side.

      They are open and seem to be fully up to speed. There was a lot of actions both times I was there. Sadly, I do not know that I will ever be in Cherry Hill again, but if I end up anywhere near there, I have plans for dinner/lunch and dessert!

      And oh yes, this was this past Friday and Saturday!

      1. re: Pipenta

        Fantastic!!! We are very happy. Thanks for the good news!

      2. re: Quine

        If you like dosa, you should check out Sankalp. It specializes in South Indian food. It's a stone's throw from Rajbhog, on Rt. 70, westbound side immediately past the jughandle. If you miss that, turn right onto Greentree and enter from the back--or just go around again. It's near the Relax The Back store.

        1. re: ina_nutshell

          Thanks, Good to know. Mom is now hooked on Dosa, so now we can try a different place.