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Jun 24, 2012 05:35 PM

ISO: Italian Expat Bar for UEFA Euro 2012 Semifinals (Italy vs. Germany) Thursday 2:45PM

Any places in the city with atmosphere favoring Italy that will be showing the game Thursday at 2:45PM? I enjoy soccer and am pulling for the underdog; and would appreciate friendlier surroundings (than what I found at Brauhaus Schmitz last Friday for the Greece/ Germany match).

Forza Italia!

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  1. not sure about favoring Italy, but the 700 club in northern liberties plays most games, and then there's that fado bar which I think is in rittenhouse.

    1. Maybe Alla Spina? I don't think they usually open until 4:30, but it might be worth an email or call. Or maybe Amis?

      1. As far as I know there aren't any expat soccer bars in Center City besides the English ones (even the "Irish" bars focus on EPL). Dark Horse is the bar that seems most committed to soccer - but it's also an English soccer bar. Not sure who they'd be pulling for in Italy-Germany. Brauhaus definitely seems a little chauvinistic in their devotion to the German soccer so I'd avoid that.
        There's a Portuguese restaurant and bar near 5th & Olney that I've wanted to check out but never have. They are said to show lots of soccer. Cafe Liz - 5437 N. Lawrence ST.

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          You might try Birrra on East Passyunk. I also have to think there have to be a neighborhood bar or two in South Philly that would be leaning italian...

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            If all else fails, there is always Chickie's & Pete's on Packer Ave.

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              Stogie Joes, also on Passyunk, is a good place to try too. It's more of an old school South Philly crowd (ie Italian-American) and I prefer the pizza there (square, similar to Santucci's) to Birra.

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                The problem is going to be the crowd-atmosphere request. I doubt Birra will have a crowd on Thursday afternoon. I'm sure they'd put the game on but so would any other bar with a nice bartender and ESPN - and there are many places with better beer, booze and food that fit that bill. Birra's really going after a modern-italian concept rather than catering to the old school (and old) South Philly Italians - most of whom would probably not hang out at Birra and aren't likely to be soccer fans.
                I've watched my fair share of soccer here and I've looked for places to watch Spain with no luck. If you want to watch with people who are cheering for Italy because "grampa was from there" you might find that somewhere. If you want to watch with people who understand what they're watching, go to the Dark Horse, chances are they'll be cheering against Germany anways.
                Also, I know the chef at Kennet is an Arsenal fan, I bet they'd put it on for you if they don't already have it on.

            2. Not in the city, but the perfect Italian football crowd is Coppa '82 (named after the the cup won by Italy in 1982) on route 30 in Downingtown. Great soccer bar and good italian restaurant

              1. If you're willing to travel to the Northeast, you can check out Cafe Michelangelo. It definitely caters to Italian expats (as the owners are Italian expats themselves). Added bonus is a really nice outdoor bar area with plenty of tvs. Every time I've been there there's been a crowd watching soccer; though admittedly, Ive only been there on weekends and don't know what a Thursday at 2:30 is like. Oh, and the brick oven pizza is pretty good as well.

                Unfortunately, their web site is woefully outdated, but maybe you can call and see if they have something special set up for Thursday.