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Jun 24, 2012 05:19 PM

I've got frozen green beans and I'm NOT going back top the store today.

Chicken & rice for dinner tonight, and I need some veg to serve. I missed the farmers market today and it's too late to g to the store.

I'm down to frozen green beans and I'm bored to death of them...although amazingly my kids will eat them.

Any last minute suggestions?


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  1. oh wait...I've got frozen spinach too.

    1. I always consider finely sliced garlic and olive oil to be the solution for almost any vegetable. Squeeze of lemon at the end of sauteing never hurts.

      1. Might be too late...
        Sambal goreng boontjes: fry a bit of onion and garlic, add coarsely or finely chopped chili's or chili paste, add some chopped tomato and throw in your green beans (simple form of an Indonesian recipe)
        The other one I thought of is a simple Thai one, but I only know it with pork. Might work with chicken as well?
        Fry some red curry paste in oil . Once the curry paste smells good, add the finely sliced pork Stir fry for a couple of minutes, then add the green beans and keep stir frying. Add fish sauce and kaffir lime leaves and a dash of (palm) sugar. If needs be you can add a little water, just to prevent it from burning, not to actually cook. It's such a simple and tasty dish (pad prik king).

        1. The simplest thing I know with frozen green beans is to steam them and then dress with a teriyaki type sauce. My kids will eat just about anything covered in teriyaki sauce.

          So, what did you do?

          1. Blast, sorry I didn't get to this. I love frozen green beans with brown butter, slivered almonds, and (shh, don't tell the foodie police) Lawry's seasoned salt. Garlic, olive oil, and lemon is a safe bet; sweet chili sauce and a dash of tamari is delicious and unique too. What did you end up doing?