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Jun 24, 2012 04:57 PM

At Naval Station in Great Lakes, IL. Need some casual meals plus one nice meal

We will be visiting our daughter, who is graduating from basic training at the Naval Station in Great Lakes in the North Chicago area. (Yay Andrea!) We will need one nice meal to celebrate in the afternoon, and then a couple of casual meals. Not everyone is a foodie, and we will have our 8 year old with us too.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I also wouldn't scoff at some suggestions for things to see and do there either. We know nothing of that area, as we are from Atlanta.


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  1. Inovasi in Lake Bluff is a fine-dining restaurant with excellent food.
    Big Ed's in Waukegan
    Portillo's in Vernon Hills
    The Shanty in Wadsworth
    Sushi Thai in Libertyville

    1. The Silo is a nice casual place. They are known for deep-dish pizza but their thin crust is also good. Actually anything I have ever tried there is pretty good: Burgers, French Onion soup, Ribs etc. Not far South of Great Lakes.

      Please thank your daughter for her service!

      1. Thanks to both of you for your replies. Inovasi sounds like just what we were looking for for a celebratory meal. They open at 4:30 and the only reservation they had was 6pm. I'm not sure that's going to work because our daughter has a very limited amount of liberty time before reporting back to the base. They are flying her out that night to Pensacola FL to train as an air traffic controller on a carrier.

        We may try the Silo for lunch, but the other places all sound great too. We will need a couple of other meals while we are in the area, so we may get to most of your suggestions.

        I appreciate your help!

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          A carrier? That sounds like quite an experience!

          Here is a similar conversation even though it is a year old:

          Also, one attraction I can think of in Vernon Hills (or nearby) is the Tempel Lipizzans.

          Also the town of Highwood has a variety of restaurants including the casual bakery that serves food called Maria's


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            I actually saw that post, which was originally dated 2007, so I didn't even notice that the reply was just last year. If Inovasi won't work out due to the time, it sounds like Bacci's Trattoria would be a great option. Thank you also for the Lipizzans suggestion. My son would love that.

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            Call Inovasi and explain your situation. The chef is a great guy and they might be able to make a special accommodation.

            Sorry to say that Bacci's did not last long and is now closed.

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              I will try that! Thank you for the suggestion.

          3. Congratulations to your daughter. Here is another thread on the same topic that is a bit more recent than the 2007 thread posted above.


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              Thank you for the link! I did a search before I posted my question, but somehow I did not find that thread. It had a bunch of information. The Shanty looks like a fine choice if Inovasi doesn't pan out.