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Jun 24, 2012 04:01 PM

best pesto goat cheese pizza

Where can we find the best pesto goat cheese pizza in Manhattan?


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  1. Who serves that? Goat cheese pizza is pretty unusual, isn't it?

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    1. re: Pan

      I've had goat cheese on pizza. I'm not saying it is a traditional topping, but it is not very unusual, especially in NYC.

      To the OP: I cannot tell you where to get such a pizza though. Usually when I have had goat cheese on pizza it is a special and not necessarily at a pizza parlor serving the usual suspects.

    2. That is a strange pizza. California Pizza Kitchen says they will make whatever you want. That would be the best shot to get such a pizza. CPK puts strange things like mayo on pizza.

      1. Balaboosta has a "pizza" appetizer that consists of really good flatbread, a supremely cumin-ey carrot puree, goat cheese, and lots of fresh cilantro. no pesto for you, but worthwhile if the rest of their menu looks good (and, id hope, at least as helpful as suggesting you look to CPK)

        1. La Traviata on W 68 St and Freddy and Pepper's on Amsterdam both have pesto and goat cheese. There must be other places that serve it.