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Jun 24, 2012 03:22 PM

Shanxi mature vinegar

In another thread I ask about this vinegar. I bought some when looking at Chinese black vinegar. I wasn't clear about the difference.

ChinaDaily column on Chinese vinegars

The one I got is described as:
"Shanxi mature vinegar (Shanxi lao chencu) is brewed from a combination of sorghum, peas and barley - it is dark in color and has a particularly musty, rich flavor which works well with cold dishes, such as cold needle fish salad (lao cu zhe tou)."

Another other ideas on how to use and enjoy this vinegar?

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  1. You can use it wherever you'd use Zhenjiang, but it's a bit sharper and the taste a bit less rounded (as far as I'm concerned, in any case). Like it, though, always have both on hand (as well as the fancypants Gold Plum Zhenjiang in the faceted bottle).

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      Delicious Chinese black/Chinkiang/Zhenjiang vinegar - East and West applications

    2. Just tried pig tails with Shanxi vinegar, ginger and kecap manis.

      This was inspired by a recipe I saw yesterday for pigs trotters with black vinegar and ginger, which is supposed to be a traditional Chinese dish for new mothers in their confinement (nothing like that here).

      I had a few joints of left over pig tails, so I rewarmed them with vinegar, a chunk of smashed ginger and a splash of kecap manis (sweet Indonesian soy sauce). By mistake I let it cook dry, almost caramelizing. Still pretty good. The vinegar complements the fattiness of the pork, with kecap manis adding the salt and sweet.