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Jun 24, 2012 03:00 PM

Looking for a good bar for about 50 ppl for a Thurs. happy hour in the French Quarter

Does anyone have any suggestions for a French Quarter bar that would be a good place to host a happy hour on a Thurs evening for about 50 people? Do you know of any bars that will "reserve" space for a guaranteed beverage minimum? Nothing too fancy. Happy hour will be in July, so probably want to stay away from patios.

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  1. Check with the Napoleon House and see if its upstairs room is available.

    1. Back when we were running around FQ bars, we ranked them according the the quailty of their air conditioning. The Touche Bar, in the back, was always a winner. Judicious tipping ensured good drinks. Nap House a/c was struggling a bit but it might be all fixed by now.

      1. I forgot to mention Pat O's...I've been to dozens of All Locals parties in there and it was always nice. It is amazing how many locals hang out there before the tourist buses arrive. Arnaud's might work, too.